Drishti Thakur reflects on the abrupt conclusion of “Faltu”; Discusses future endeavors

Recognized for her contributions in projects such as “Namak Issk Ka,” Drishti Thakur portrayed the character of Tanisha in the show “Faltu.” Embracing the role of a negative character, she reveled in the immense love and appreciation showered upon her by the show’s dedicated fanbase. However, the unexpected decision to take the show off-air left everyone astounded.

Talking about it in a recent interview, Drishti expressed her disbelief and shared, “The news was truly shocking for us because it was something I never anticipated. Our show consistently maintained its position in the top 5 rankings. Thus, this was not just surprising for me, but for everyone involved. Yet, this is a facet of television – the uncertainty of when, why, and how a show might be discontinued. It’s an experience that every TV actor and crew member must confront.”

Adding to her sentiments, she further conveys the emotional toll of the decision. “What’s even more disheartening is that the show was thriving, cherished by the audience, and our efforts were substantial. Though we received a two-week extension, I held onto hope that it might prevent the show from going off-air. Sadly, that didn’t materialize. We had formed a close-knit family on set, and the experience was incredibly enjoyable. I’ll miss everyone dearly, along with the entire shooting experience.”

When inquired about her forthcoming plans, Drishti reveals her intentions. “At present, I haven’t mapped out detailed plans. I intend to take a brief respite, spend quality time with my family, and perhaps embark on some travel. Numerous offers have come my way, and I’m eager to explore opportunities. I’m particularly interested in taking on a leading positive character that presents a distinctive narrative and room for performance. Web show proposals have surfaced as well, and I’m open to those since, for me, the storyline and character outweigh the medium. As I await the best possibilities, I’m relishing this time. Daily soap shoots seldom afford personal time.”

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