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In this episode, Ramji recalls the entire incident with Bhim Rao and Purushottam. He understands the troubles in Bhim Rao’s life everyone is creating, even he put his son in trouble by getting him married early. Bhim Rao intervenes, and tells that trust is built after fighting the problems. Ramji explains how his loss will be difficult not for him but for others. Bhim Rao was brought up to be a chief. Ramji wonders about the different life Bhim Rao would have if he went to work. Bhim Rao differs, saying that his problems would remain the same despite the place and people. Bhim Rao wants Ramji’s help; he wants some money as a loan to buy copies for the students. Jijabai refuses to say that there is no money for Bhim Rao. Ramji argues. Bhim Rao will find another solution, doesn’t want his parents to fight. Rama stops him, reminds Jijabai that she gave Jijabai money when she was leaving, reminds that her leg got injured. Jijabai argues, she didn’t get any leg injury just a small hand fracture. Rama questions her for acting to be ill because she remembers everything. Bhim Rao was getting hints, but everything is clear now. Ramji wants to talk on this matter later. Rama agrees, but for now Bhim Rao wants a loan. Jijabai wants to tell the whole truth, she isn’t afraid of anything, Ramji had an equal share in everything. Jijabai can not give Bhim Rao a single money, the pension money belongs to Jijabai only. Ramji refuses to let Jijabai have the money as well, sends her to bring the money. Jijabai takes the coin and smash them. Ramji and Rama try to stop her. Jijabai refuses, she desperately wants Bhim Rao to learn a lesson. She ruins the money, claiming to have all the rights to do so. Jijabai leaves. Bhim Rao thinks that it was his fault about asking for money, he leaves.

Bhim Rao comes out to Jijabai willing to tell her something. Jijabai doesn’t want a lecture. Bhim Rao requests her not to build enough poison that it kills her. He learnt the anger which comes from ego is most painful. Jijabai asks him to leave. Purushottama and others wants Justice from Bhim Rao.

Anand comes to Bhim Rao, lends him enough money to arrange papers for the children. Shoba hands him some money as well. Hitesh calls her a betrayer for helping her husband’s enemy. Purushottam questions her for touching his money. Shoba didn’t take his money. Purushottam orders her to take the money back. Bhim Rao hands her the money but she refuses to take it. Purushottam orders her to take the money back or learn a lesson. Shoba argues. Purushottam raises his hand to hit her, but she holds it back. Shoba has learned to fight for herself after living with Bhim Rao and Ramji. Bhim Rao tells Purushottam that Shoba is a different woman now. Deepak threatens to deal with his father in case he gets violent with Shoba again.

The upper caste wonders if Bhim Rao gave up, the men make fun of him. Vaijnath interrupts, tells that Bhim Rao didn’t get anything from his effort. Bhim Rao comes from behind; he achieved a lot form his efforts. He earned eagerness in the upper caste’s mind. That eagerness will raise questions in a wise man’s heart, conclusively, Bhim Rao will attain what he wants. Bhim Rao asks everyone to resume with there readings. Vaijnath taunts Bhim Rao for abusing children for his objectives. Bhim Rao asks him to stop, his words wont temper the children, owing to yesterday’s incident Bhim Rao will assure safety of all books and copies today.

The Episode Ends.

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