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In this episode, Bhim Rao argues about letting go of their fight with upper caste who doesn’t consider lower caste worthy of sitting with them. Deepak apologizes to Bhim Rao, Rama and Meera send him to talk to Purushottam about him being underage for marriage. Deepak takes Purushottam outside to talk. Bhim Rao and Rama want Shoba not to worry, they support her. Shoba dreamt about starting a new life with her husband and son, but the story is different.

Deepak questions Purushottam for creating a new drama when their life is set. Purushottam wants to bring a new person home, who will serve and work for them day and night. Deepak questions him about bringing a servant home. Purushottam refuses, he wants to bring him a wife. Bhim Rao tells that wife is a companion a friend to live with. Deepak will work and marry when he is ready for it. Purushottam questions him for considering Bhim Rao everything, calls Bhim Rao a liar. Bhim Rao argues, Purushottam was about to slap Deepak. Bhim Rao stops Purushottam, tells that parents are obliged to be good to their children as well. Shoba asks Deepak to come home, he refuses, and will go out with Bhim Rao. Purushottam leaves wanting to find a solution.

Jijabai notices Ramji and Meera searching for something in the house. She questions them, they didn’t reply. Anand tells that he couldn’t find it as well. Ramji tells that he is searching for some money. Jijabai tells that she already hid the remaining money. She collected and saved all the money to her saree, though it cut her finger, but it didn’t hurt because she stopped Bhim Rao today. Rama knows that Bhim Rao’s enemies must be thinking the same.

Vaijnath and others gather around to taunt the empty board. They mock Bhim Rao for running out of paper and strength to fight. Vaipal makes fun of him as well, the fire Bhim Rao lit has runout of fuel.
Rama will not let her husband’s fire be put out; it is the strength that keeps everything together. Jijabai forgot to raid her home, so she collected the money she could find here. Bhim Rao thanks her for saving his fight. Bhim Rao leaves. Rama leaves the room as well. Meera tells Jijabai that woman like Rama have a home, not like Jijabai. Ramji taunts Jijabai because people like her get injured but not Rama. Everyone leaves, Jijabai will not give up fighting no matter how many times she loses.

Purushottam comes to Vaijnath complaining about Bhim Rao manipulating his son against him. The upper caste standing next to Vaijnath, taunt Purushottam for being weak. One asks him to beat his father, another one did the same earlier. They think that Purushottam isn’t worth calling a father. Vaijnath sees Bhim Rao approaching with Deepak, he asks Purushottam to use the opportunity to beat his son. Deepak questions, Bhim Rao will file a case against them. Vaijnath argues with Deepak to act according to his age. Deepak starts writing the question, Vaijnath and Vaipal question for having only three to four pages in his hand. Vaipal asks what he would do tomorrow. Bhim Rao cannot worry about tomorrow. He leaves with Deepak. Vaijnath questions Purushottam for being unable to act against Bhim Rao who has turned his son into a puppet. Purushottam can take revenge by snatching those papers and tearing them up. Vaipal pushes him to run after Bhim Rao.

Purushottam snatches the paper and runs away. Vaijnath thinks that Purushottam has the right to snatch the paper while he took away Deepak form him. Bhim Rao and Deepak run after Purushottam. Other men praise Vaijnath for using Purushottam’s anger against Bhim Rao. Vaijnath will do whatever it takes to win against Bhim Rao. Vaipal assures that Bhim Rao will lose the strength to fight the battle.

The Episode Ends

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