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Hitesh is unable to wrap his mind around Jijabai letting Meera stay in her house. They think that Ramji must have forced him. Purushottam asks them to let the matter go, its best that a woman came back to her house.

Rama and everyone else are happy with Jijabai letting Meera stay in the house. Meera asks Jijabai to remember her family. Jijabai leaves the room. Karuna asks Meera to freshen up, they will serve breakfast afterwards, and have to go out for work as well. Bala and Anand left without eating, they don’t have the stomach for breakfast. Meera asks them to not to worry, Bala and Anand are angry at the moment, will get better with time. Everyone leaves. Ramji questions Rama standing still. Rama worries about Bhim Rao’s first day at work. Ramji knows that he must he facing difficulties.
The manager sends his men to have lunch, they stayed to witness fill the paper correctly.

Rama is feeling anxious, wondering who he would be. She questions not being by Bhim Rao’s side, wants to face his difficulties first. Ramji used to think the same, but there is a difference between a soldier and a warrior. It’s necessary for Bhim Rao to face his challenges alone. Rama’s husband is different, he has a different path and destiny. Rama tried to stay calm but couldn’t. Ramji suggests her to take lunch for Bhim Rao. Rama asks Ramji about Jijabai, agreeing to let Meera stay at home. Ramji sends her to cook lunch, her question is not that important.

Lakshimi questions Anand for being upset with her and refusing to have breakfast. Bala considers it the best solution, them being hungry doesn’t matter, they will get weak and resultantly Lakshmi and Karuna will grow strong which is what they want. The females don’t want to live under male dominance, it that case, its better to live alone. Anand reminded Lakshmi that they agreed not to talk to each other. Lakshmi reminds Anand of the many phases of life they faced together, when everything it alright, it’s best to let it stay that way. The men leave. Karuna suggests not telling Rama anything, it would worry her. Rama interrupts, asks them not to worry, she will talk to Bhim Rao about it. Lakshmi tells that the men asked them to bring them lunch, there is nothing to worry about. They all went to cook lunch.

Deepak packs his bag; Purushottam asks if he really considers education necessary. Deepak wants to learn, grow, and serve his caste. Shoba agrees with Deepak, serve them milk. Purushottam thinks that Deepak is at the right age for marriage. Shoba refused, wants Deepak to settle first. Deepak left for school. Shoba asks Purushottam what to cook. Purushottam wants to take her out.

Meera asks Jijabai to understand that instead of wasting her energy in proving everyone wrong she could have spent the time loving the family, it would have gained her a lot of respect. Jijabai asks Meera to stay quiet. Meera wants Jijabai to ponder. Jijabai asks Meera to look at the corpse and remember a woman who stayed firm against her enemy Bhim Rao. She also reminds that history will write that Bhim Rao had tow enemies, one is the world and other is Jijabai, and they both gave him an unforgettable defeat. Meera asks Jijabai to think about a history where people tell that Jijabai loved Bhim Rao like an actual mother. Jijabai will not change, wants people to get out of their illness to teach other lessons.

The men questions Bhim Rao’s graduation because he wasn’t able to fill a report. Bhim Rao wonders what they want, they can politely tell him the amount so they can all go home. The manager doesn’t want Bhim Rao to work peacefully. Everyone left for tea, demanding Bhim Rao to fill in the report before they returned. Bhim Rao finds nickel on the floor.

The manager will not let Bhim Rao work here, one man offered to treat everyone with tea as he has money. He was unable to find that money in his pocket, went back to the office to find it. The man was searching for his nickel, asked Bhim Rao about it who refused to have seen it. The man had thought of buying many things from that money, his day got because of Bhim Rao, he was leaving. Bhim Rao stopped the man, showed him the money.

The Episode Ends.

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