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In this episode, the man accused Bhim Rao of theft, he will complain to the manager about it. Bhim Rao didn’t steal, otherwise he wouldn’t have returned. The man questions him for taking the money. Bhim Rao wanted to teach him the lesson about a caste who has lost his identity since century, a man from that caste came fix things for his people but the other castes wont let him work. The man will tell manager about Bhim Rao’s drama. Bhim Rao asked him to tell him that he took money back from Bhim Rao’s hands.

Rama packs lunch. Karuna and Lakshmi came to her asking for work. Rama questions them for not packing lunch for their husbands, asked if they lied to her. Rama asked them not to waste their time with them, she will take lunch for Bhim Rao than meet in the center. Rama left. Lakshmi and Karuna wondered what to do, they cannot dodge Rama or else she would investigate.

Rama was leaving but remembered that she didn’t take salt and water, she put the bag on the side table to get the remaining stuff. In Rama’s absence, Jijabai emptied the lunch box in her plate. Rama took everything and left.

Bala and Anand were at work. Bala asked Anand if he thinks that their wives are right. Anand doesn’t want to ponder; this will hurt them. Bala wonders how Bhim Rao wins against everything, maybe because he has Rama’s support. Bala and Anand left the house with empty stomachs, but their wives cared enough. Karuna interferes, they care enough as they brought them lunch. Lakshmi asked them to eat. Bala doesn’t want their sympathy, as it would come back at them. Bala started working. Karuna questions him for questioning her carelessness, now that she had brought them food he denies eating. Lakshmi requests Anand. They started working again.

The manager told Bhim Rao about his lecture, this wont work here. After a few days the manager will complain to the boss about Bhim Rao and have him fired. Bhim Rao wanted to work, but nobody is willing to let him. The manager was about to have lunch, and asked Bhim Rao about his appetite. Bhim Rao neither brought lunch nor he can go out to eat. He wanted Bhim Rao to see him eat and feel miserable. Rama entered the room; her husband cannot be miserable in her presence. They strive for their people so that others don’t interfere in their lives. The manager stopped Rama from entering the office, her lower caste didn’t teach him ethics about not entering an office without permission. Bhim Rao will go out to eat, he stopped the manager from mistreating his wife. Bhim Rao will not waste his time lecturing the manager on how to treat a woman irrespective of their caste. Bhim Rao cannot tolerate someone disrespecting his wife. The manager questions him for talking like that with his boss. Bhim Rao is talking to the manager, not the boss.
Lakshmi questioned Anand for acting like Bala. Anand is being influenced by his elder brother; he forbade Lakshmi from talking to him in disrespecting manner. Lakshmi threatened them by deciding to tell everything to Rama. Anand asked Bala to eat lunch otherwise Bhim Rao would get dragged in this mess.

Rama cooked Bhim Rao’s favorite vegetable, she brought him salt and pepper as well. The lunch box was empty, Rama got worried, she decided to go back and bring vegetables. Bhim Rao refused, asked her to sit here while he eats the whatever else is there. Rama questioned him for talking in air just so she doesn’t have to worry. Bhim Rao thinks that it’s love that turns that pepper into sweet. Bhim Rao eats tortilla and pepper. Rama insists on eating it as well.

At home, Jijabai eats the vegetable she stole, she is mentally ill so has the right to do anything.

Bala asked Karuna not to bring them lunch tomorrow. Karuna questions, she will bring him lunch. Bala will throw it away. Lakshmi questions Bala for repeating a pattern. Anand tells here that Bala is right now. Bala argues with them for comparing everything with Rama and Bhim Rao, they are different people. Karuna refused. Bala argues.

The Episode Ends.

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