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In this episode, the manager recalls Bhim Rao’s warning. Vaijnath visits him with homemade food. The gesture was way to inquire about Bhim Rao. The manager complains about his lectures and warning, he is trying his best to make him leave the job. Bhim Rao assures that it will never happen, Vaijnath will explain it better that Bhim Rao never runs, not backing off is his motive. Vaijnath stops Bhim Rao, invites the manager home for dinner and discusses future conspiracies to fire Bhim Rao.

Shoba comes to Purushottam; he is willing to start from where he began. They wanted to buy a house; they would complete their dream now. Deepak rushes in the chawl screaming to kill the guys, everyone gathers, Deepak grabs a stick, Shoba inquires. Deepak tells that people used to tease him for not having a father, not when Purushottam is back, they are teasing him with waiting when his father will leave. Bhim Rao stops Deepak; he understands because they both share the same pain. He endured the same pain at workplace like Deepak did at school. Deepak is holding a stick to avenge his pain while Bhim Rao ignited a fire in his heart, with that fire he will burn all the hatred and change the course of history. Bhim Rao asks if Deepak wants to be like him. Purushottam questions Bhim Rao, nobody is allowed to tease his son. Purushottam drags his son, Deepak threw the stick, he always wanted to be like Bhim Rao. Purushottam questions. Deepak not only listens to Bhim Rao but looks up to him. Bhim Rao thinks that they must work on themselves rather than taking revenge. Purushottam thinks that Bhim Rao is making Deepak weak, Hitesh tells that it’s Bhim Rao’s strategy, so others abide by him. Rama tells that he finds shelter from the scorching sun instead of attacking it. Deepak will keep that in mind, will study hard and beat his classmates in exams.

Purushottam observes Deepak study while Shoba prepares dinner. Deepak was done for the day; he will continue studying from tomorrow. Deepak went to play downstairs. Purushottam is made at Deepak listening to Bhim Rao more than his father. Shoba asks him not to worry, Bhim Rao has the best manners to be influenced by. Shoba suggests him to find work together and collect money for Deepak’s advance education. Purushottam questions, he has money to start a business, it will help in Deepak’s marriage.

Jijabai questions Rama for accusing her of theft. Rama tells that she could have asked her for food, instead of taking it out from lunch box. Jijabai will do as she likes. Rama will not stop Jijabai, but she has some obligation towards her husband. Jijabai is obliged to tease Bhim Rao. Rama doesn’t know what bothers Jijabai the most because Bhim Rao has never harmed her. Rama doesn’t understand why Jijabai hates her even in her illness. Rama leaves. Jijabai wanted to be Bhim Rao’s biggest enemy and Rama accepted that was a mission accomplished for her. Meer hears Jijabai.

Bhim Rao tells Ramji about the faces that laughed at and made him feel inferior. Ramji understands that he Bhim Rao wasn’t treated well at the office. Bhim Rao explains all the taunts he endured. Ramji thinks that Bhim Rao is smart enough to imply what he told Deepak earlier. Ramji tells him a story about when he went to meet Jyoti Rao Phule to complain about the workplace harassment. Phule asked since when has this been happening. Ramji realized that it started the day he won a snipping contest. Phule said that things get rough when someone starts to succeed, people either side with us or turn against us. In order to face the enemy, who is fighting to win their lost battels it necessary to have a stone heart and forgive them. Ramji passes that advice to Bhim Rao.

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