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In this episode, Bhim Rao graciously accepts Ramji’s advice. Rama adds that everyone is here to share his pain with him.

Vaijnath takes the Manager out for tea. He thinks that upper caste has a sort of unity, they repeal the lower caste together. The manager needs to make everyone unite, in order to ruin the lower caste, the upper caste needs to stay friends. Vaijnath asks about The Manager’s plan to evict Bhim Rao; he is planning to trouble Bhim Rao. Vaipal asl well as Hitesh and his friends tell The Manager that Bhim Rao will face all troubles but not quit. Vaijnath suggests to him to have all the newspapers stolen for a day during Bhim Rao’s duty. The manager tells that in that case a departmental inquiry will happen on Bhim Rao. Vaijnath was waiting for that day. Tomorrow will be Bhim Rao’s last day on the job.

Bhim Rao promises to give his best at work so that he wins. Ramji asks him to remember his strength, one day he will achieve the best from it. Whether Ramji lives or not, everyone must remember that victory comes from the hardest battles. Karuna calls everyone inside for dinner. Ramji leaves. Karuna asks Rama and Bhim Rao to join as well. Rama holds Bhim Rao’s hand to make him believe that she is with him, she cannot or would have stood at his place, fought the world for him. Since she cannot, she is here to be with him. Bhim Rao thinks that the battles she fights are enough, the victory Ramji was talking about will be there, everything would be equally divided between them. Anand calls Bhim Rao inside.

Jijabai was worried about Rama discussing the lunch, she would get scolded by Meera and Ramji. In order to avoid the lecture Jijabai went out to eat her dinner alone. Meera coughed, went to bring her medicine from Shoba’s house. Meera came out to Jijabai asking her to bring kheer, Rama told that she has made kheer. Jijabai didn’t know, tells that Jijabai focus doesn’t let her think on other things. Jijabai went inside to take Rama’s kheer. She came inside asking for kheer. Ramji questions. Jijabai realized that Meera pranked her. Bala asked everyone to ignore, Jijabai is not well. Ramji wonders what happened.
Jijabai came out to Meera eating from her plate. Meera wanted to lecture but gave her a demonstration of what it feels like to eat someone else’s food. Jijabai, despite being a stepmother shouldn’t have eaten her son’s lunch, above that greed is a nasty thing. Jijabai gets it, wants to know what she will eat for dinner. Rama had some vegetables left, she understood Meera’s plan when she came out. Rama requests Meera not to bother Jijabai since she isn’t well. Jijabai took the vegetable and asked her to leave. Meera wonders when Jijabai will understand. Jijabai doesn’t want to understand anything other than hating Bhim Rao and Rama.

Phuliya wonders where Joku went, his friends weren’t in chawl as well. She waits outside, Joku and his friends return home drunk. Phuliya questions him for leaving untold. Joku questions, he didn’t ask her to wait. Phuliya has never slept without serving him dinner. Joku ate and drank outside, she wondered where he got the money from. Joku wants to sleep, so he leaves. Phuliya wants to tell Bhim Rao about it, but Joku takes her home.

Purushottam wakes up at night, confirms if Shoba and Deepak are sleeping.

Rama heats oil to massage Bhim Rao’s feet, he must be tired and hurt from standing all day. Bala heard her. Bhim Rao recalls what happened in the office, and Ramji’s advice. Rama insists on massaging his feet. Bhim Rao relaxes himself.

Bala wakes Karuna from sleep asking her to massage his feet. He orders her to come early, Rama is already massaging her husband’s feet. Karuna massages Bala’s feet while he rests.

The Episode Ends.

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