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In this episode, Karuna massages Baal’s feet, he taunts her for not doing it properly. Rama took hot oil to massage her husband’s feet, Karuna can at least do it properly.

Bhim Rao wants Rama to stop, she insists on doing it a little longer. Bhim Rao wants to massage his feet in return as well, she works all day and deserves some pampering as well. Bhim Rao massages her feet.

Bala wants Karuna to massage his feet until he sleeps, she stops, will not continue massaging. Bala questions. Karuna was massaging but will not continue, she goes to sleep. Bala threatens that her not abiding by his orders will not end well to anyone. Karuna stays silent, Bala wakes her up, he will questions her in front of everyone. Bala argues, wants Bhim Rao and Rama to answer on her behalf. Lakshmi and Anand wake up, he calls Bhim Rao and Rama. Everyone gathers, Karuan insists him to let go. Ramji asks Bala to stop misbehaving. Bala asks Rama what she was doing, Rama was massaging Bhim Rao’s feet. Lakshmi wants to know the connection. Bala thinks that Bhim Rao and Rama are manipulating everyone. Bhim Rao can ask his wife to massage his feet but no one else can. Meera doesn’t think that this is a topic of argument, Karuna refused because she must be tired. Karuna insists him to let the matter go, she will massage his feet. Bala wants to know the reason now. Rama asks Kauna to tell. Bhim Rao insists as well. Karuna request Bala to let everyone sleep. Karuna tells that Bhim Rao never forces his wife to answer questions, Bhim Rao was having his feet massaged while Bala was satisfying his ego. Bhim Rao would have returned the favor, he must have massages Rama’s feet in return as well. Secondy, Bala wants Karuna to be her servant. Every women wants to love and serve their husbands but Bala has different motives. Karuna left. Bhim Rao asks Bala to try and understand other people’s emotions as well. Ramji wants him to provide peace to others to have a peaceful night himself. Bala knows what he should do, doesn’t want lectures. Meera asks Bala to calm down. Rama and Lakshmi asks Bala not to make Karuna cry. Bala leaves to sleep somewhere else than face his family and Karuna. Ramji stops Bhim Rao from following him. Meera sends everyone to sleep, she will check up on Karuna. Jijabai stops Ramji, she liked him advising Bala to give his wife some happiness to have a peaceful night. Jijabai has been asking the same thing from him but he never implied it on himself. Ramji tells her the reason, he can only live well by someone who is good with her. It’s not necessary for him to live happily with someone who cannot do the same.

Bhim Rao wakes up for work, Rama gets up as well. She will make breakfast for him, he asks her to make something to eat. Rama is too busy to bring lunch for him during the day. Rama agrees.

Bhim Rao comes out to wash his face, notices Deepak studying under the lamp. He loves someone paying attention to his education, it will serve well.
Rama works in the kitchen, Jijabai wakes up from the noise. Jijabai understands that it must Rama, she will play another game to meet Rama’s excellence. Jijabai questions Rama for not letting her sleep. Rama has to make food for Bhim Rao. Jijabai questions, he isn’t important than her. Bhim Rao wants his people to be at peace, so she must let his people sleep in peace. Rama insists her not to argue. Rama tells that Jijabai’s understandings are not up to mark. Jijjabai wants proof that Rama will let her sleep. Bhim Rao assures that Rama will not cook. Rama defies, she will cook and Bhim Rao will take lunch. Jijabai wants her to tell everyone that Bhim Rao’s preaching are fake. Rama will cook meal outside. Jijabai questions, doesn’t want Bhim Rao’s lecture. Bhim Rao will not do that, she understand while being well, how she will do it now. Rama returns, asks Jijabai to sleep. Bhim Rao stops Rama, wants her to stop. He will leave for work today, she can prepare the meal early from tomorrow. Rama thinks that the good should start from today. Lakshmi, Karuna asks him not to worry, they are here to help. Ramji join as well.

The Episode Ends.

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