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Bhim Rao threatens everyone to unveil themselves. They start begging, their children are hungry, heard that Bhim Rao is a helper and savior.

Anand hears Lakshmi and Anand asking Phuliya not to worry about Joku. Rama things that matters should be discussed and addressed on time.

Bhim Rao decides to free the thieves, but first makes them reorganize the newspapers. Bhim Rao opens the door, Vaijnath and The Manager waits outside to see the end result. Vaijnath was sure about his victory. Bhim Rao asks them to move out one by one, he was about to pull the cloth of Joku’s face but got his hand cut in the process. Bhim Rao recognized Joku, understood that the other three were his friends Hitesh, Janardan and Manohar. He realized that Vaijnath must have sent them here, it was all planned. Bhim Rao tells that this wasn’t a chemical but a kerosene oil. They were fooled by him and Vaijnath because of being illiterate. Hitesh doesn’t want his lectures, doesn’t fear going to jail. Bhim Rao will punish them differently this time. Bhim Rao sends them away. The manager asks his men to go on duty.

Bala and Jijabai come to Anand. Jijabai thinks that Lakshmi is complaining about her husband. Bala accuses Rama for feuling their wives against them. Lakshmi heads towards Anand, Jijabai thinks that she is coming here to fight. Bala asks him not to worry, he is here to support him. Anand sends them away, he will deal with Lakshmi alone. Lakshmi comes to him, Anand drags her inside. He wants her to take the cup inside regardless of motives. Lakshmi reminds that he is Bhim Rao’s elder brother who was ready to die for him. Anand is not Bhim Rao, he has a different life and different concerns. He asks her not to take lectures from Rama. Lakshmi doesn’t care about different angles and perspective, she wants to be same in everything and having Rama has an ideal she will think like her as well. Rama wouldn’t carry this cup and neither will she. Lakshmi was leaving, Anand stops, pushes her to the floor. Lakshmi’s head starts bleeding. Rama enters the room, she gets concerned, went to take medicine. Anand didn’t intend to push her, Lakshmi stops him form touching her. She asks if he fears her telling Rama the truth.

In the office, the workers come in asking Bhim Rao about his wounded hand. The other man thinks that he got hurt while working. Bhim Rao requests the man to count the papers for him, those being honest with their work won’t cost them anything. The workers want sot know the love Bhim Rao has for his values, in order to test it they want him to place all the bundles outside after which they will count the paper for him. They want him to carry the bundle from his wounded hand. Bhim Rao screamed in pain while trying to do so. They taunt him to planning to carry burden of the society.

Rama applies the medicine than asks how she fell. Anand fears Lakshmi telling his name, Rama and Bhim Rao would call a panchayat. Lakshmi tells that she tripped.

Jijabai accuses Lakshmi for acting strong. Regardless of anything, Bala will make sure that don’t act or become salves to their wives.

The man taunt Bhim Rao. The fight hasn’t ended, Bhim Rao sure determination in winning this battle. He carries the bundle outside with his wounded hands.

The Episode Ends.

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