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Meera asks Anand to save his relationship, it doesn’t take much to break one. Anand helps Lakshmi with the laundry. Jijabai comes to Anand taunting him for working for a woman who refused to pick up a cup a tea for him. Meera questions Jijabai for fueling poison into everyone. Bala supports Jijabai, Anand manhood is too weak to understand that the woman he is working for will shut him down in a minute. Lakshmi asks him to stop. Jijabai wants Lakshmi to put the cup of tea in place to show her commitment to the relationship. Karuna stops Lakshmi from doing so. Bala argues, Lakshmi should so it for her relationship. Lakshmi agrees with Karuna. Anand leaves so does Lakshmi. Bala takes Karuna aside. Meera condemns Jijabai’s doings; her fire has reached Bala and other children as well. Jijabai asks her to check up on Lakshmi, she must be crying. Karuna returns crying and so does Rama. Jijabai is amazed and happy about everyone crying. Meera was worried about Rama. Jijabai considers Meera a criminal for only caring about one. Jijabai asks Lakshmi if she was beaten, she would enjoy Karuna being beaten up as she has the most nerves. Bala returns, he will break all her nerves, they will not leave this place. Jijabai has only started; he has a lot to take revenge on.

Meera questions Rama, she cannot reveal Hitesh, Janardan and Joku’s name if he didn’t. Rama tells that Bhim Rao’s hand got injured while fighting 4 robbers. Ramji got worried. Rama tells that he is fine with his rules and values, she wanted him to get bandage, but he wasn’t allowed a leave. Ramji asked if the thieves were caught. Joku, Hitesh and Joku were listening. Ramji knew that the robbery was planned to accuse Bhim Rao. Rama saw Joku, Hitesha and Janardan entering the chawl.

Anand enters the house to find Lakshmi crying, the cup was still lying there, he threw it away. Anand wants her to stop, he doesn’t like her crying. He sits down with her, Anand wants Lakshmi to understand what a wife is like, he wouldn’t have reacted if the fight was indoor. He doesn’t like her misbehaving with him in front of everyone. Lakshmi questions her for getting his ego hurt. She accuses him of being influenced by Bala. Anand question, if he should be like Bala than should he be a man slave for his wife like Bhim Rao. Ramji questions. Anand tells that there he is in a difference on opinion with his wife. Ramji tells that Rama returned insisting Bhim Rao to get his hand wounded but he didn’t listen to her. It’s important for Anand to understand that his actions are hurting his wife, if not good than he should say something bad.

At night Bhim Rao returned home with a bandage in his hand. He requests Rama not to be mad at him. Rama isn’t mad, he was obliged to listen to his manager. It’s the rule of the world. Rama questions him about letting the robbers go instead of handing them to the police as rule of the world. Bhim Rao asks if she told anyone about Hitesh, Joku and Janardan being the robbers. Rama tells that Vaijnath, and his sons were making fun of Bhim Rao which she didn’t like.

The manager shows Vaijnath about Bhim Rao and Rama’s signatured letter. He finds this letter more powerful. Shishupal tells that anyone who was given a letter by Bhim Rao has lost. The manager will not lose, he promises over his caste. Vaijanth appreciates his dedication, sends Vaipal to bring dinner to discuss further theories.

Rama brings Bhim Rao dinner; he wants her to feed him from his hand. Rama doesn’t want him to be smart, it won’t calm her anger. Bhim Rao questions, how can he be smart when he is an idiot. Rama tells that her husband is not an idiot, idiots are the ones calling him that. Bhim Rao asks her to sit, the robbers didn’t damage the office other than cutting his hand. Regardless of his relationship with Hitesh and Joku he couldn’t have hurt Phuliya. Naming Joku would have destroyed Phuliya’s home. Bhim Rao doesn’t preach that, so he forgave everyone since they are part of this society. Rama should do that as well. Rama thinks that Bhim Rao burns himself to spread light to others, she understands them, but it hurts a wife’s sentiments as well.

The Episode Ends.

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