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Rama understands everything, the fact the Bhim Rao burns himself to help others. She tries to support him and in doing so it hurts her sentiments. Bhim Rao tells that a lot needs to be tested and tolerated before bad turns to good.

Vaipal comes to Vaijnath and the Manager who were having dinner to tell that Bhim Rao judges his opponents and then uses his insecurities to run over him. Vaijnath understands and suggests that the people should ask the owner to fire Bhim Rao. The manager loves the idea, wonders who to bring it into action.

Rama feeds Bhim Rao dinner.

Purushottam wants Shoba’s opinion on something. He wants to go somewhere else, this chawl is expensive. He has talked to someone about another place. Shoba doesn’t have to discuss it with anyone, or they will try to stop them. Shoba asks if he wants them to leave like he did. Shoba will never leave this place because it became her home when he abandoned her. Purushottam asks if this chawl is more beloved to her than her husband. Bhim Rao says that this question is valid in equity. Purshottam didn’t spend enough time with Shoba ask much as she did in this chawl. Shoba went home to make Purushottam tea. Purushottam acknowledges Bhim Rao playing in part in his reconciliation with Shoba, but he does not approve oh him meddling with his discussion. Bhim Rao apologizes and leaves. Purushottam wanted to take Shoba with him and tell her about his plan, but things would happen otherwise now. Bhim Rao finds Purushottam’s odd behavior suspicious.

Karuna questions Rama about cooking outside the house, its like accepting your defeat. Rama refuses to fight Jijabai, sees Joku and tells that everyone is family. Jijabai comes to Karuna asking her to make her bed. She mocks Rama for Bhim Rao’s wounded hand; Rama stops her from crossing limits. Phuliya brings Joku vegetable to cut, he refuses to do so. Rama questions, asks him to cut the vegetables from a knife that can cut hands. Joku wonders if she knows. Rama insists her to cut the vegetable. Phuliya understands Rama’s pain, she doesn’t know how to get the thief’s identity. Rama asks what Phuliya would do to the man who hurt Bhim Rao. Phuliya would hit the man and broke his arm. Joku takes the vegetables refusing to listen to them. Phuliya wonders if it was Joku. Rama denies, she was all that to make Joku cut the vegetables.
Bhim Rao comes to the office to the manager asking why he doesn’t eat pan. Bhim Rao tells how he can enjoy pan when people like him don’t get enough food to eat. The manager tells that scheme to get Bhim Rao fired was made while eating pan. He recalls Vaijnath offering him pan and telling that while everyone will be working Vaipal would tell people about a lower caste working and touching the newspapers, it would be enough to add fuel to fire. The manager tells that Vaijnath’s son and office workers would be on duty right now to end Bhim Rao’s job.

The newspaper was being distributed, Vaipal asks the distributor if there is a lower caste working in the office. The customer throws the paper away. Vaipal does the same with many other customers. The distributors’ silence would be enough to burn flames. Bhim Rao will think about the drama that will escalate but first the manager sold his soul by defying his owner and ethics of professionalism. The people march towards the office. The manager explains, he was ordered to hire Bhim Rao.

The Episode Ends.

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