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In this episode, Bala interrupts Karuna from making Jijabai’s bed. She questions, Bala is doing as he pleases. Lakshmi explains the meaning of it, shows that Anand threw the cup of tea away when she refused to pick it up. Bala questions her about complaining to him about her husband. Karuna stops Lakshmi from arguing, they were leaving, Anand questions Lakshmi for complaining about him. They leave.

Bala wants to teach them a lesson, Anand asks him to let go. Bala questions, he wants Anand’s support, and will fight on his behalf. He takes Anand outside to discuss.

Bhim Rao shows the protestors that he hasn’t written anything on the register, he isn’t allowed to touch any of the newspapers. Shishupal calls it a scheme, questions Bhim Rao for being here when he doesn’t work. Vaipal calls him a liar, no one hired without giving them a job. The manager will talk to the owners. Vaijnath interrupts, tells that these slogans will not change anything until they burn these newspapers. It will be a message that no newspaper will be read or bought until Bhim Rao works here. The ashes would be a lesson for the owner for hiring Bhim Rao. Everyone burns their newspaper. Vaipal knows about Bhim Rao’s love for reading and writing, the burning of newspapers is burning of Bhim Rao’s dreams.

Lakshmi suggests going to work after taking a shower. Bala questions them for taking saree bough by them, their husbands bought them this saree. Lakshmi questions Bala for crossing his limits. Bala calls her for doing this as well. Anand stops Bala as well. Karuna throws the saree away, it wasn’t given to her by his father, she wants Bala to stop fighting. Bala burns the saree. Karuna asks him to wait, she will bring the others as well. Lakshmi stops Karuna. Bala considers Lakshmi more intelligent than Karuna, she must respect Anand unlike Karuna. Lakshmi throws the saree as well. Anand yells at her. Jijabai interrupts, she knows that people feel bad seeing their stuff burn, she wants them to mend their ways or a lot more will burn. Anand and Bala think that it’s useless to teach Lakshmi and Karuna, they leave. Jijabai asks them not to give up, husbands must keep teaching their wives. Karuna and Lakshmi throw all of their sarees at them to burn.

Vaijnath wants Bhim Rao to see the ashes, they are evidence of status of lower caste. He wishes to turn everything Bhim Rao owns into ashes. The men call him for tricking the upper caste. Shishupal asks if Bhim Rao is afraid, or fears being terminated. The manager wants Bhim Rao to apologize. He refuses to do so, Vaipal wants the manager to come here. Newspapers will not be sold until Bhim Rao works in this office; everyone supports Vaipal. Vaijnath wants Bhim Rao to find himself a new job. Bhim Rao will surely do, of all the things Vaijnath said he was true about saying that these are not just ashes. He thinks that people who read newspapers should understand that touching the newspaper doesn’t change anything. The people accuse Bhim Rao for touching the newspaper that got it burnt. They all laugh at Bhim Rao.

Karuna tells Bala that burning a saree is similar to insulting a woman, she has tolerated Bala for long but can not continue. Now the silence would kill her, Bala throws the saree at her yelling her to be quiet. Anand does the same.

The manager wants Bhim Rao to leave. Bhim Rao will not do so until the owner asks him to do it. the manager sends his men to inform he owner.

Rama calls Lakshmi and Karuna to go to work. Joku tells Hitesh that Rama knows about them being thieves. Hitesh was scared, Bhim Rao must have asked her to stay silent. Karuna and Lakshmi decide not to tell Rama, Bhim Rao, and Ramji about their problem. Purushottam returns from shopping. Hitesh questions. Purushottam saved a lot of money; he is now spending it on his wife whom he loves. Purushottam shows Shoba the saree and sweets he bought for her. He wishes Rama, Lakshmi and Karuna good luck.

The Episode Ends.

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