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In this episode, Rama goes to Shoba to discuss something. Rama told that there is nothing wrong with Purushottam buying his wife a saree, but one must look into the way of getting money to buy such stuff. Shoba questions. Rama wants to say that a person who saves money doesn’t have courage to spend it on saree, she was just alerting Shoba.

The men were eager to see the owner terminate Bhim Rao. Ramji questions them. The men blame Bhim Rao for acting beyond his limits. The tea makers think that people like Bhim Rao should die. Ramji silenced him, Bhim Rao is his son. The man wants Ramji question Bhim Rao. Ramji leaves.

The owner comes asking Bhim Rao why he shouldn’t be fired. The manager offers the owner a seat to sit. Bhim Rao says that that a criminal is punished, but he is not at fault. The manager tells that the people threatened not to buy newspapers until he works here. The owner asks Bhim Rao for a solution, if he has none than he may remain silent.

Shoba questions Purushottam about he money to buy this stuff. Purushottam went on a plane, he traveled to many countries, used to get food to eat so he saved all the money. Shoba wants surety. Purushottam promises on Shoba. He thinks that Shoba doesn’t trust him, she hasn’t let go of the past. Purushottam cries as he actually loves Shoba. She wiped his tears, went to try these sarees. Purushottam knows that woman melts seeing a man weep.

Bhim Rao’s silence means that he doesn’t have a solution. Bhim Rao cannot have an answer to everything. The owner isn’t a bad person, he hired Bhim Rao because of his Guruji but as a businessman he seeks profit. The manger was asking Bhim Rao to leave. The owner fires Bhim Rao. Ramji asks why. Ramji tells that Bhim Rao being falsely accused of everything; he didn’t even touch a newspaper. The owner knows that Ramji was fired from the army for the same reason Bhim Rao is being terminated. Ramji corrects, he resigned himself. The owner questions Ramji for showing ego. Bhim Rao doesn’t want anyone to argue with his father. The manager taunts Ramji for barging in the office. Ramji goes out, he pleads the owner not to fire Bhim Rao. The owner refused; Bhim Rao will be paid his salary after excluding the loss he cost. Bhim Rao begs the owner as well, Guruji said good things about him. The owner refused; he cannot suffer loss because the people have refused to buy his paper. The owner leaves. The manager sits back on his seat, shows Bhim Rao his signed letter asking him to celebrate the defeat with his wife.

At night, Rama consoles Bhim Rao, the fight hasn’t ended yet. Bhim Rao thinks that this tragedy will be used by Vaijnath and his son that Bhim Rao fears. People use a simple defeat as victory that can cause great pain.

Vaijnath laughs hearing Bhim Rao’s termination news. He wanted to paint a bigger picture, Vaijnath would tell everyone about it has a massive tragedy, a story that would make everyone hate Bhim Rao. The manager doesn’t understand. Vaijnath asks him to wait and see, they will meet tomorrow in front of Bhim Rao’s chawl. He tells that Shishupal has been sent off station for an important business, until his absence Vaipal will handle the business.

Few people came to chawl calling Bhim Rao. Ramji questions, they tell that Bhim Rao sent a message to meet him here. A lot more men gathered with same purpose as well. Bhim Rao comes out; he denies calling anyone. Vaijnath emerges from behind; he has called everyone here to tell them about Bhim Rao. Rama questions, he didn’t get a chance to cause drama. Vaijnath has some real things to tell. He asks Bhim Rao for being fired from the newspaper job. Bhim Rao admits being terminated. Vaijnath asks him to tell everyone that while working in the office Bhim Rao’s education, preaching and values were useless. Bhim Rao admits. Vaipal asks that Bhim Rao’s lower caste overshadowed his intelligence, Bhim Rao agrees. Vaipal asks if he thinks that regardless of all efforts, he won’t be able to hold an office for more that three or four days. Bhim Rao agrees. Vaijnath wants everyone to understand that Bhim Rao pursuing everyone to be like him, for example Deepak, but regardless of everything he wont be able to retain a job. The pattern has been going on for centuries, Ramji was fired, than Bhim Rao and Deepak will become a victim in near future.

The Episode Ends.

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