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The manager and his men speak that every office Bhim Rao works in will have people like them belonging to the upper caste. When the entire system obeys the upper caste than it will never appoint lower caste. It’s better for lower caste to preach the upper caste, going with the odd like Bhim Rao would be a waste of time. Vaijnath asks Bhim Rao if he can change the system, give people hope that in future no one will be fired form their jobs. Bhim Rao cannot do that; Vaijnath wants Deepak to learn from this because his mento refuse to take guarantee of his future. Vaijnath leaves asking Bhim Rao’s supporters to question him. Deepak wants an answer, everyone else asks as well. Rama asks Deepak to talk about this later. Hitesh questions, wants to know if Bhim Rao can give guarantee of the future. Ramji tells him that there is no guarantee of life here. Purushottam thinks that Bhim Rao should provide guarantee to Deepak whom he considers a mentor, otherwise they should revert back to their old methods. Bhim Rao can not give guarantee. Jijabai asks Bhim Rao to clarify. Ramji questions her for hurting everyone. Bhim Rao cannot provide the guarantee about Deepak not being fired. Deepak questions the necessity of education then because if he would have to struggle like Bhim Rao as well than it’s useless. Purushottam wants a solid answer from Bhim Rao. Joku wants him to give clarity. Bhim Rao believes that Deepak can be fired from any office, but a day would come when no one would be fired form an office. Purushottam refuses to live with hope. Rama asks him to questions Shoba about hope, she lived all her life with hope of finding her husband. He returned and is now living with her, so hope must be there. Bhim Rao wants people to focus on the path of reaching the office rather than focusing on being fired from it. Everyone eats a day to gain strength, education will give provide them the strength to fight obstacles of this society. The men refuse to oblige with Bhim Rao as his condition says otherwise, they intend to retrieve their children from school as well. Bhim Rao wanted them to understand but they left. Hitesh purposely made Bhim Rao trip; it broke his glasses. Jijabai mock Bhim Rao for not being able to see. Bhim Rao left. Ramji taunts Jijabai for not changing herself.

Deepak returns home with his book pondering on Bhim Rao’s uncertainty about a better future. Purushottam comes to Deepak, tells that education is just a dream, real life demands work. He and Purushottam will work together to live a life, he asks Deepak to listen to him and keep books away from himself. Shoba refuses to let anyone take books form Deepak. Purushottam thinks that anything that give life rust should be thrown away.

The men ponder on Bhim Rao’s situation and decide to part ways form him. Vaijnath stops him questioning for leaving Bhim Rao. The men no longer follow Bhim Rao. Vaipal asks if they will compliment him now or not. If they don’t than Vaijnath will treat them with a cup of tea.

Bhim Rao recalls Deepak being in despair. Bala comes to Bhim Rao asking him not to worry, Bhim Rao can still work where he is allowed. Rama reminds him about the people who hoped differently for Bhim Rao. Anand thinks that Bhim Rao needs to work because he would continue getting fired. Anand agrees with Bala, it’s not necessary to fight now. Rama refuses to give up. Bala stops Rama for giving Bhim Rao the wrong advice. Bhim Rao agrees with Rama, him working in a low merit would prove the upper caste right and shatter hope of the people who left upset. Bhim Rao will do something else but fight this battle. Jijabai questions him for fighting again. Ramji believes that fighting need valor which Bhim Rao has, and his fight is to win the confidence and trust of other people. He sends Bhim Rao to fight his battle and get a job in the same office he got fired from. Ramji has faith in his son.

The Episode Ends.

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