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In this episode, Anand buys a new Saree for Lakshmi to end the all fights and continue loving her. Vaijnath stops him, wants to know where he is headed. Bala was nowhere to be seen, Anand tells that he went somewhere for work, why does Vaijnath care. Vaijnath taunts him for the ego. Anand tells that Bala went out with his wife. Vaijnath brought them a souvenir, he refuses to have it, Vaijnath tells that taking it isnt a choice. Vaijnath throws bangles at him, asking him to wear it with her wife. They mock him and Bala for being a woman’s slave. Vaipal wants Anand to wear the bangles before giving his wife saree, to clarify that he is not less than a woman. Anand should change his name to Anandi. Anand picks the bangles, makes a noise by shaking it. Vaijnath questions. He is trying to remind Vaijnath something, Vaipal refuse to understand. Anand tells he must have heard this voice from his mother’s hand, while she was singing lullaby, making food, doing house chores. He is sure about Vaijnath leaving these bangles, he will give it to someone needy. He packs the bangles and leaves. Vaijnath taunts Bhim Rao’s family for lecturing everyone.

At night after the last person leaves the newspaper stand Bhim Rao, Ramji and Rama wait outside. Rama questions as nobody raised a question today. Bhim Rao assures; the day will come. Ramji considers this Bhim Rao’s first article. Rama decides to go home. Bhim Rao looks at the question one last time.

Lakshmi tells Meera for the peaceful life they have right now. Jijabai taunts Lakshmi, asks her to leave with Anand as well. Meera reminds that Bala took Karuna himself. Jijabai knows that her husband will never change. Anand comes asking Lakshmi to bring him a glass of water. Lakshmi leaves. Meera wants Jijabai to help her with the vegetables.

Lakshmi brings water. Anand wants her to close the eyes, gives her the new saree, a saree that ruined everything. Lakshmi cannot live without Anand but his misbehavior urges her to kill herself. Anand assure that nothing of the sort would happen again. Lakshmi agrees, it would ease things for Bhim Rao as well.

Rama questions Bhim Rao for standing still. Bhim Rao realizes that is his first article, one day he will have a newspaper to raise the questions of his caste. Rama wants Bhim Rao to hire him in his office, no one would fire her form there. They heard someone say Purushottam’s name. They saw Purushottam being grabbed by the collar. Bhim Rao questions. Purushottam hugs the man asking him to give a day’s time and leave. Purushottam tells Bhim Rao that the man was his old companion. They all went home.

Purushottam recalls Bhim Rao questioning him last night. Bhim Rao asks Rama to stay behind, he will raise the question and leave. Everyone in the chawl questions Bhim Rao for his new quest, undermines his capabilities to bring a change through that. Bhim Rao send everyone back to work, he left afterwards. Rama went to complete chores and go out for work. Lakshmi and Anand comes to her, she has packed lunch for everyone. Purushottam will complete his work now as well.

Bhim Rao puts the question on board, the people asks him to go somewhere else. Bhim Rao refuse, he will return the same office. The manager comes to Bhim Rao telling that almost 400 copies are spread throughout the city, but nothing changes yet Bhim Rao expects that his single questions would change things. Bhim Rao explained his intentions and motives to Vaijnath, wont waste his time on the manager. Deepak intervenes, he plans to make 400 copies of this question as well, Bhim Rao can do anything.

The Episode Ends.

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