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The episode begins with Purushottam brining someone to the chawl, he was the same man Purushottam hugged last night but he had a woman accompanied with her. Hitesh asks him to introduce them, but he sends the people upstairs. Joku and Janardan doubt Purushottam changing at all.

Purushottam introduces them to Shoba. He brings them inside, sends Shoba to bring tea.

Deepak questions the manager. The manager calls Deepak idiot for considering that he can achieve to print 400 copies just by two men. Deepak calls his friends; they will untie to fight this battle. Bhim Rao assures victory. He wants the manager to tell what the strongest thing is. The manager considers the upper caste strongest. Bhim Rao considers a question the strongest in the world. The manager wasn’t amazed, he left. Deepak’s friends tear pages to write down the question. Bhim Rao doesn’t want them to waste pages. The boys refuse to step back, they cannot see Bhim Rao fail.

Purushottam tells Shoba that these people are Deepak’s in laws. Shoba was stunned, Purushottam didn’t tell Shoba before. Purushottam just told them. Shoba refused; she doesn’t want Deepak to may now. Purushottam stops her, Shoba leaves. The men and woman refuse to drink before any agreement, they leave asking Purushottam to consult with his wife before. Purushottam questions Shoba. She tells that Purushottam returned after years unaware of Deepak’s desire, he ought to be educated and bright like other people in society.

Deepak and his friend’s hand over the questions, he can see his life differently after living with Bhim Rao. Other boys seem to agree with Deepak.

Purushottam argues with Shoba, Deepak knows nothing about life, even if he secures a job, he will be thrown out form it. Deepak should get married and run a business with his father. Shoba refuses, Purushottam fights, he will get Deepak married. Purushottam doesn’t know that while living with Bhim Rao everyone has learned how to fight. She will fight for Deepak, will make her a big person.

Bhim Rao leaves with the boys, they will place these questions everywhere until they run out of it, than make new ones. The boy does accordingly. Bhim Rao goes to a man and poses the question; he shows him the paper. The man puts his hand forward, lets the paper drop to floor and rubs his feet over it.

The same thing happened with Deepak as he asked a man to help Bhim Rao. The man has taught Deepak a lesson about lower caste’s actual place. The other children faced similar behavior.

At night, Purushottam waits for Deepak to return. Hitesh and Joku sense Purushottam acting differently since the guest lefts. Deepak returns home with Bhim Rao. Deepak comes to his father. Purushottam wants something form his son, tells that his in laws came today. They want Deepak to get married. Deepak questions, he refuses to get married, wants to study and be like Bhim Rao. Shoba is trying to explain that to Purushottam, Deepak will get married but first he needs to study and make something of himself. Purushottam calls Ramji to come out.

Everyone gathers, Purshottam asks Ramji about Bhim Rao’s age when he gets married. Ramji tells that Bhim Rao was younger than Deepak. Purushottam wants Bhim Rao to explain to Deepak and Shoba that he should get married. Bhim Rao questions. Purshottam wants to know why Bhim Rao can get married but not Deepak. Jijabai, Hitesh, and others call Bhim Rao selfish to get married himself but doesn’t let others do that. Deepak doesn’t want to get married; Bhim Rao has nothing to do with that. Rama tells the reason, she tells that the night she got married Bhim Rao brings her out in middle of the night to tell that it wasn’t their age to get married. He didn’t want her to lose her childhood in this marriage, but owing to the circumstances they will stay as friends until learn to take hold of themselves as a couple. To this day Bhim Rao regrets his decision, he should have stopped Ramji then but wasn’t smart enough to do so. For this reason, he doesn’t want Deepak to marry early as well, its not the right age for marriage.

The Episode End.

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