Elvish Yadav calls for unity: Reveals why hospital visit to Abhishek Malhan couldn’t happen

The triumph of Elvish Yadav, who clinched the Bigg Boss OTT 2 trophy, ignited celebrations among his fervent fans since the momentous finale on August 14th. The intense showdown between Elvish Yadav and runner-up Abhishek Malhan garnered immense attention, accompanied by a flurry of trolling and animosity from both sides of their respective fan bases. Seeking to quell this virtual discord, Elvish Yadav took a step forward, urging his supporters and the wider audience to cease their hate-driven actions towards not only Abhishek but also himself, as the two share a brotherly bond.

Elvish Yadav, employing his Instagram platform, shared a heartfelt video wherein he candidly appealed for an end to animosity. He further clarified the reasons behind his inability to visit Abhishek in the hospital. Despite the speculative whispers circulating, Elvish Yadav revealed that he maintains communication with Abhishek, emphasizing that stringent security measures and the protocols mandated by Bigg Boss compelled him to abstain from a hospital visit.

In his own words, “Numerous rumors have proliferated across the internet, fueling animosity towards both Abhishek and me. Let me assure you, our brotherly bond remains unshaken. Some may wonder why I did not join others in visiting Abhishek at the hospital. I am presently confined to a hotel room, adhering to security requirements. This is a conscious effort to adhere to the protocols set by Bigg Boss. Despite physical separation, Abhishek and I have been maintaining our connection through phone conversations. We are set to reunite in Delhi very soon.”

The video captioned “No hate to anyone, spread love,” encapsulates Elvish Yadav’s call for unity and understanding. Online reactions from netizens were swift, with one fan asserting, “Both of you are my favorites… no one deserves hate.” Echoing this sentiment, another supporter expressed, “All love and support to these two, you guys are great.” The anticipation of their upcoming meeting garnered excitement, as a fan eagerly wrote, “Can’t wait for the meetup.”

Abhishek Malhan, who was also recently spotted at the airport, reciprocated the sentiment of brotherhood. He extended his happiness for Elvish Yadav’s victory, reiterating, “I’m happy for Elvish, he is my brother.” In the aftermath of this intense rivalry, the earnest call for harmony and the imminent reunion of these two individuals signifies the potential for bridging divides and fostering mutual respect within the realm of fandom.

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