Elvish Yadav Engages in Verbal Spat with Arjun Bijlani Over Respect for Women

Elvish Yadav, the winner of Bigg Boss OTT 2, recently grabbed headlines for a heated exchange with fellow actors. Following his clash with Asim Riaz, he found himself in an unseemly verbal altercation with Arjun Bijlani, stemming from an indirect comment made by the latter. Elvish, in response, playfully mocked Arjun, dubbing him as a ‘woman.’

The controversy unfolded when Arjun Bijlani tweeted about how some fans of Bigg Boss winners engage in trolling women and showing them disrespect. Netizens speculated that this tweet was aimed at Elvish. In a witty comeback, Elvish branded Arjun a ‘woman’ in jest.

Arjun’s tweet read, “Big boss karke some people and their fan clubs have forgotten how to respect women. Sad!!” Elvish’s response to this post was, “Mujhe Ab Pata Laga Tum Woman Ho.”

This exchange of words stirred a mixed reaction among netizens, with some supporting Elvish and others standing by Arjun’s stance. One user expressed their disappointment, stating, “I feel ashamed that I liked you once… Bigg Boss k winners ka level is going down with every passing season.” Another user questioned the logic behind the dispute, saying, “Koi sense Hai es baat ka ???? You mean if someone took a stand for women, so he becomes a woman according to you? I’m sorry, but is this what you are promoting? Don’t respect women? Plus, just saw your video in which you are saying ‘Ladkiyo mein diamagnetic nahi Hota, bartan jhadu pocha kare.. I’m sorry again but there are many examples in which girls are leading; please update your knowledge. I never expected this from you; it’s so conservative.” Another user pondered, “Kya Miss kar diya Maine Bhai log? Kya matter hai?”

Notably, the previous week, Asim Riaz had also engaged in a war of words with Elvish Yadav. During a concert, Asim mentioned that nobody could replace him and Sidharth Shukla. He playfully poked fun at Elvish by noting that contemporary winners often go live on Instagram to count their followers. Elvish’s response to Asim was a label of “irrelevant.”

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