Elvish Yadav’s ex-girlfriend Kirti Mehra speaks out about facing hate; says, “People are claiming that my growth and follower count are solely due to Elvish”

Elvish Yadav, the acclaimed YouTuber and Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner, has been basking in the limelight for his recent triumph. As he continues to soar in popularity, currently shooting for an upcoming music video in Bangkok, his former girlfriend, Kirti Mehra, has also found herself in the headlines, but not for the reasons she’d hoped.

Kirti Mehra has been facing online trolling and negativity ever since Elvish clarified in an interview that he is no longer in a relationship with her. She decided to address the hate she has been receiving by sharing a Vlog on her YouTube channel.

In her Vlog, Kirti disclosed that she had warned Elvish about the potential consequences of discussing their relationship on the show before he entered the Bigg Boss house. Unfortunately, her advice went unheeded, and now she is dealing with the fallout.

Kirti also emphasized the hard work and dedication she has invested in her career, which often goes unnoticed by those who accuse her of riding on Elvish’s coattails for fame.

In the video, she stated, “I’ve been diligently working since 2016, and my follower count has been steadily growing ever since. I had urged Elvish not to publicly mention any girl associated with him because anything he says about them would indirectly affect me. I did not create any content about Elvish or engage in any actions to gain attention. He chose to discuss a particular girl inside the Bigg Boss house, and people assumed it was me.”

She continued, “People are claiming that my growth and follower count are solely due to Elvish. However, I have been diligently working hard in my life. I never took actions related to Elvish to gain followers. It was Elvish himself who made these choices, and now I am facing the consequences. If my goal was to gain his followers, I would not have asked him to refrain from mentioning me in the house.”

Kirti’s revelations have prompted mixed reactions on the internet. While many have expressed support and sympathy for her, others have criticized her for speaking out against Elvish.

Elvish and Kirti never officially confirmed their relationship, but they collaborated on various social media platforms for several years, leading fans to believe they were a couple. Elvish Yadav made history by winning the Bigg Boss OTT 2 trophy, becoming the first wildcard contestant to achieve this milestone.





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