‘Maddam Sir’ fame Esha Kansara and Siddharth Bhavsar celebrate their Registered Marriage

Esha Kansara, renowned for her role in “Maddam Sir,” shared a delightful glimpse of her “registered marriage” with her musician-husband Siddharth Bhavsar on Instagram. The couple, who had exchanged vows in December of the previous year, decided to formalize their union and chose Rakshabandhan to share the news with their devoted fans. Alongside a picture capturing their beaming smiles and thumbs-up gestures, Esha playfully wrote, “Ye waala baaki tha .. Registered husband & wife… Humko registered marriage ka date Rakshabandhan pe mila .”

Esha expressed her joy in a recent interview and shared, “While some may view marriage registration casually, it holds significance as it provides a marriage certificate. We value even the smallest of events because, in the end, it’s about signing a piece of paper. Both Siddharth and I prioritize family, and we want every aspect to be celebrated. Besides our immediate family members, Siddharth’s closest friend and his spouse, along with our cousins and Vyoma (Nandi), were present. It became a triple celebration—spending Rakshabandhan with family, formalizing our marriage, and savoring the success of my recent film. Garlanding each other once again was truly enjoyable.”

On the other hand, Siddharth Bhavsar, the musician-husband, shed light on why they waited this long to register their marriage. He revealed, “We intended to register our marriage promptly after our elaborate yet intimate wedding celebrations in December. However, we were caught up in several personal and professional commitments, and we were simply enjoying our time together. When we eventually decided to proceed, it was quite amusing because we secured a date on Rakshabandhan! Given the multitude of dates to remember, we’ve opted to celebrate our anniversary on December 2nd.”

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