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Shikha and Asmita panic after they crash their car over Savi. Savi falls unconscious on road. Asmita says they shall take her home and send her away once she regains consciousness. Shikha hesitates, but Asmita convinces her and they both take Savi home. Shikha says they will take the girl to her room. Asmita agrees. She tries to wake up Savi. Savi opens eyes and closes again. They shift Savi to Shikha’s room and notice her having high fever. They apply cold cloth on her forehead to lower her fever and hope Surekha doesn’t return till the girl is here. Savi’s fever doesn’t subside. Asmita asks Shikha to call family doctor. Shikha calls doctor and asks what shall they do if someone has 104 F fever. Doctor asks who is having fever. Shikha’s phone switches off. Doctor calls Surekha and asks who is ill at home. Surekha says everyone are hale and healthy at home. Doctor says Shikha had called and said someone is having high fever at home, but disconnected the call before he could ask who is ill. Surekha says she was out and just returned home, she will check with Shikha.

Surekha calls Shikha and asks who is having high fever. Shikha says Asmita has high fever. Surekha asks if they had gone to temple just some time ago. Shikha says yes, even she is surprised. Surekha says let us go and check. Shikha tries to stop her. Surekha gets a call and walks aside. Shikha rushes to Asmita and informs what just happened. Asmita rushes to her room. Shikha rushes to get cold cloth. Surekha walks towards Shikha’s room. Shikha stops her. Asmita walks to Surekha and describes the whole incident happened. Surekha scolds her for driving a call when she can’t even run a mixer grinder properly. She checks Savi and asks Shikha to check girl’s bag and find out who she is. Shikha says she left bag in car and goes to get it. Surekha scolds and orders to bring the bag from car. Shikha brings bag and stands shocked reading Savi’s name on her ID card. She lies to Surekha that driver took car for servicing and girl’s bag is still in car. Surekha scolds her more and walks towards her room.

Ishan returns home fuming on Savi. Surekha walks to her and asks what happened. He says Savi doesn’t trust him even after his efforts to help her. He describes what happened at college and how Durva and Anvi are proven guilty. Surekha refuses to believe him. He further says Savi alleged Ayush of s*xual harassment. Surekha says Ayush can never do that. Ishan says Savi will defame them with issue for sure. Sukreha tries to inform him what Shikha and Asmita did, but Ishan says he is not in a mood to listen and wants to freshen up. Surekha goes to bring him coffee. Savi wakes up and asks where is she and who are they. Shikha says she came under their car and its not their mistake and brought her home as good citizens. Savi says she just remembers having fever and walking towards doctor’s clinic. Surekha walks in and asks her name. Savi gets nauseous and rushes to bathroom.

Durva and Avni walk to Ishan and apologize her. Ishan refuses to forgive them. They promise to never lie to him again. Ishan calls Shukhla and asks him to send some file from his cabin. Shukla calls back and says there is no such file in his cabin. Ishan goes to check with Shikha. Savi calls Harini and informs her what happened with her. Harini gets worried and says she will ask Kiran to take her back to Pune. Savi assures her that she is fine. Harini says her in-laws have gone to their village, she will get duplicate keys via a key maker in the morning, so Savi should manage in that house till morning. Savi says she will request house owners. Ishan heads towards Shikha’s room.

Precap: Savi in dark misunderstands Ishan as a thief and beats him. Surekha and others join her. Ishan shouts it’s him. Savi stands shocked seeing Ishan.

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