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Yeshwant announces that if Ayush is found to be guilty, he will restricate him without any questions. He says punishment needs proof first. Savi says then he will not get any proof as Ayush’s friends would never go against him. She challenges Ayush to be brave and accept that he misbhaved with her both physically and s*xually, says the sad part is directors here are safeguarding crimes and if they had done their job, she wouldn’t have to use tambourine for justice. Yashwant asks reporter to leave and wait for a sensational news. Mob disperses. Savi hoplessly looks at Ishan and walks away. Makrand Bharve fumes in front of Yashwant and asks who is that girl who wrongly alleged his son, media is involved now and they will sensationalize the issue. Yashwant says he need not worry as reporter will post a half cooked news and regarding Savi, she is influenced by Isha, but he knows how to handle the event. He promises to protect Ayush if Makrand helps him open a college in Mumbai.

Shukla asks Savi if she gave his number to her known ones as he is getting her calls on his phone. She says yes as she lost her phone. Vandana video calls her and boasts her morales. Savi bumps on Ishan and confronts him that his silence would make her suffer a lot, she will be a topic of joke. Ishan says there is a proper course of action which he cannot be bypassed, but she and Isha madam will not understand. Savi warns him not to drag Isha madam in everything and says her Isha madam taught her to fight for justice and she will she will get justice at any cost. She visits her class room where Durva and her friends mock her. She walks away feeling depressed. Ishan walks into class and finds her missing. After class, Durva and her friend continue to mock Savi. Ayush asks them to stop it as Harini can go to any extent to get justice and he wants to end this issue as soon as possible. Harini calls Savi on Shukla’s number and asks her to return home soon as she is back from Delhi. Savi thanks Shukla for his help. Shukhla says she calls him elder brother and is thanking him also, she can seek his help whenever she wants to.

Asmita convinces Anvi to reveal truth to Ishan. Anvi walks into Ishan’s room and apologizes him for lying before. She describes the whole incident happened. Ishan gets more angry hearing that. Asmita apologizes on her children’s behalf. Ishan drags Anvi to the living room and leaves her in front of elders. He calls Durva to come out. Yashwant asks why is he misbehaving with his sister. Durva walks in. Ishan insists her to speak truth and reveals what his sisters did. Durva agrees to her mistake. Ishan says what he say when his own sisters are wrong, Savi was pleading for justice bravely and if any other student would been ragged, she would have committed suicide by then. Yashwant acts as upset hearing his nieces’ mistake. Nishikanth asks him to forgive them as they are repenting for their mistakes. Ishan determines to get justice to Savi.

Precap: Surekha emotionally blackmails Ishan and asks him to either get justice to Isha’s sent girl or choose her. Savi tells Harini that she is sure that truth will be out soon. A man walks into college.

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