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Isha tells Yashwant that she is here to inspect his institute. Yashwant asks who chose her for this inspection. Isha gives him a letter and says it has all his answers. He reads letter and returns it to her. Isha says he got all answers to his questions, next he will answer her questions tomorrow at 11 a.m. She looks at Surekha standing with a flower bouquet and tells her that she can welcome her when she returns for inspection tomorrow. She informs students that she will meet them tomorrow and walks away. Back to Yashwant’s cabin, Nishikant insists Yashwant to call for a boarding meeting immediately. Surekha says she is sure someone is conspiring against them and sent Isha for inspection. Yashwant says there are many honorable professors in the board, but why Isha was chosen. Surekha says Isha must have purposefully come to trouble them. Their discussion continues. Ishan walks away from there.

Ishan stops Isha and says she came here purposefully to trouble them. Isha asks why would she do that and calls him Ishu. Ishan warns her not to call her Ishu as only the people who love him can call him Ishu. He asks why she chose their institute instead of any other institute. She says she didn’t know that she would be inspecting Bhosale institute when she got a letter. He says when she found out, she should have chosen some other institute. Ishan says she keeps her professional and personal life separately and will not do that. Ishan walks away fuming. Yashwant, and Surekha discuss how to stop Isha from inspecting their college. Surekha says they shall use Isha’s favorite student Savi to convince Isha to cancel the inspection. Ishan returns and informs that he had gone to meet Isha and insisted her to cancel the inspection, but she didn’t agree for it; he will write a letter to education department that Isha has a personal grudge against their college and may give a wrong report, so they shall change the inspecting officer.

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