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Surekha tells Isha that Isha left the Bhosale family, but even now she is using the Bhosale surname. Isha says she has to answer people even today for using this surname. Surekha says Let it be, I have brought lunch for you, eat it quickly. Isha stops her and says committee members are not allowed to take anything from the management during the investigation. Isha says she has to obey the rules and says Savi has already brought the lunch so I will eat it with her. Surekha says she brought food with love and asks if she doesn’t value her love? Isha says you have done so much for me with love I had to lay the price for that always. Surekha asks her to forget the old grudges. Surekha says years have passed but you didn’t change. Isha says she has changed that’s why she is in a committee member position. Savi tries to cool the situation and offers water to Isha. Isha thanks her and asks Surekha to leave.

Yashwant and Nishi talk about Isha’s attitude. Ishaan asks Surekha why did you have to go there? Surekha says Isha is my sister-in-law so I went to serve homemade food but Isha doesn’t care and she insulted me and ousted me from the cabin. They get shocked. Ishaan asks how Isha was ousted from her college. Surekha says Isha’s attitude doesn’t change. Yashwant says to leave it and let’s eat food. Ishaan says Isha asked for some files so I will give them to her to end her Inspection quickly.

Savi tells Isha how Shika and Asmita are missing her. Isha says she wants to meet them too. Ishaan comes there and gives the files to Isha rudely. Savi reprimands his behavior. Ishaan argues with Savi. Isha stops their argument. She sends Savi from there.

Mandar tells Vinu that Isha is smarter and she went to Pune. Vinu asks why she went to Pune. Mandar says he feels that Isha is scared of him. Vinu says they have to do something to her. Mandar says he won’t leave Isha wherever she hides. Vinu asks what he’s planning to do. Mandar says he will hire a goon to teach a lesson to Isha.

Isha says to Ishaan that it will take time for her to check the files. Shukla brings Mango Mastani to them. Isha pays money for it saying she can’t take anything from management. Isha gives one glass to Ishaan. They eat it similarly. Isha tells Ishaan that they are doing cultural events 2 times a year but according to guidelines they have to do it to 3-4 times. Ishaan comments on it.

Surekha says to Nishi and Yashwant that they have to use Savi as their shield to escape Isha’s action. Yashwant asks Nishi to collect all the details of Savi. Nishi agrees. Kinjal and Navya ask Savi to come with them to the canteen. Savi tells them she has to meet Isha. They leave for the canteen. Savi overhears Shukla talking on call. She asks him ‘ Is someone sick at home?’. Shukla says my mother is unwell and I need money to admit her to the hospital. Savi asks if he needs any help. Shukla says he will do something and asks if she received the message.

Isha appreciates Ishaan’s honesty. Ishaan gives credit for his honesty to Surekha. Isha thanks him for giving his time and says he can leave. While leaving he drops her bag. He sees their photo in her bag and looks on. Isha says she will take the bag. He is about to leave but Savi enters and hits his head accidentally. Ishaan feels pain. Isha takes care of him. Ishaan stops her and leaves from there.

Isha asks Savi why she came in a hurry. Savi tells Isha that she came to share good news I.e. I’m getting a room in the hostel as authorities are invoking my scholarship. Isha thinks something is wrong. Isha asks Savi to not shift to hostel room now. Savi says ok but why. Isha says her concern.

Precap: Isha warns Ishaan on the phone saying if anything happens to Savi, she will not leave them.
A goon with a gun is shown to be chasing Savi in the crowd. Savi runs into Isha. Isha asks Savi if she is fine? Savi says yes and tries to say something about Ishaan but she stops seeing Ishaan. The Goon shoots the gun at Savi.

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