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Isha suggests Savi not to shift to a hostel room for the time being. Savi asks why is she saying this. Isha says they are too closer to each other and her enemies may try to harm Savi, so she wants to be careful. Savi agrees and shows her Ganapathi arrangements, says they will establish Bappa at the end of the hall. Isha asks why not in the middle of the hall. Savi says mata Gowri will be established beside Bappa, Bappa is incomplete without his mother. Isha gets emotoinal. Savi asks how is her arrangement. Isha says the best, they girls did an excellent job and proved that unity can achieve great success. She praises Savi’s leadership qualities. Ayush walks to Savi next and praises her leadership qualities. He wishes to be part of her team and offers gift for the festival celebration. Savi accepts his gift. Ayush grins.

Savi hears Shukla talking to doctor over phone and assuring him to arrange money for his mother’s treatment. She asks Shukla if her mother is fine. Shukla says her mother got some liver infection and he needs money for her treatment. Isha suggests him to claim medical allowance or insurance money. Shukla says he receives salary in cash and doesn’t know anything about medical allowance. Isha asks since when he is working in this college. Shukla says 10 years. Isha says he should have been permanent by now and finds his permanent appointment letter being approved 2 months ago. Shukla gets tensed and runs away. Isha calls education department officer and sends him Shukla’s appointment letter to check. She explains the irregularities happening in the college.

Ishan feels emotional recalling Isha’s concern for him. Surekha walks in and asks if he is feeling headache. Ishan says he is fine. Surekha says Isha is the core of their problem and it will end only when they get Isha and Shantanu divorced. She says she will get the papers ready and get it signed from Isha.

Precap: Isha warns Ishan that she will not spare his institute if something happens to Savi. A goon follows Savi during Ganapati idol procession. Savi meets Isha. Isha asks if she is fine. Savi says she is fine, but Ishan. Ishan walks in front of them. Goon shoots at Savi.

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