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Savi prepares prasad for Ganesh Chaturti festival at her college. Ashwini over a video call explains her the 5 important ingredients needed for prasad. Savi shows her pandal decoration and says she got a challenge to organize festival and is trying her best. Ashwini reminds how excitedly she and her parents used to welcome bappa each year. Savi says things don’t remain same forever. Ashwini prays god that Savi also get her own family soon and settles down. Savi says she will call her later and gets back to cooking. Her friend says her prasad smell reminds her of her aaji’s prasad. Savi says this is also her grandmother’s recipe and says today Gawachi gang will show how they celebrate festival. She asks friends to check other arrangements while she takes care of prasad. Friends leave. Ayush grins watching her from behind.

Mandar orders his aide to kill Isha at any cost and even Savi if she interferes. Vinu asks Mandar why he took Savi’s name. Mandar says Savi won’t be harmed and orders goon to leave Maharashtra once he finishes his task. Vinu says they decided to punish Isha and not kill her. Mandar says whoever messes with him has to die. Bhosales reach college and praise it’s decoration. Anvi informs that Savi decorated it as Ishan gave her a task of organizing festival. Bhosales frown hearing that. Surekha asks her to stop praising Savi and get in. Durva requests Asmita to give her phone as she wants to talk to her friends. Asmita denies and asks her to learn to behave from Anvi. Durva says she doesn’t want to be a doormat like Anvi who nods her head for everything. She then requests Shikha who falls for her pleas and give her phone.

Isha calls Nishikanth and asks him to arrange meeting with all his temporary staff. Nishi says today is festival and it’s impossible. Isha says everyone would be present in the college today and after the meeting, she will leave for Ramtek tonight. Nishi says he will arrange something and fumes that Isha is not stopping troubling him. Isha leaves in car. Mandar’s goon follows her car. Durva confronts Ayush for supporting Savi forgetting what she did with them. Her puppet friends join her and continue to humiliate Ayush. Ayush shouts at the them to shut up and says he is not a fool like her to get suspended by showing hatred openly, he will never forgive his enemies and is waiting for the right chance, he gifted chiffon curtains for the function with a motto.

Prateik praises decoration and says Savi is really talented. Ishan says he will check the decoration first and then decide. Durva takes Ayush near ganapati pandal and asks him to explain his plan. Ayush says he needs to send Savi’s friend Navya from there. Durva’s puppet calls Navya as reporter Sheela Thomas’ assistant and request her to come out and guide her to the college. Navya walks out. Ayush and Durva walk into pendal. Durva asks what is his plan. Ayush says he offered chiffon curtains not just like that and burns curtains. Savi realizes she forgot to add tulsi leaves in prasad and rushes back to pandal. Ishan also walks in to check the decoration and seeing curtains on fire tries to pull them down with a stick. Savi sprays water from a pipe and sets off fire. Durva and her friends hide. Savi sprays water on Ishan. Ishan gets angry. He notices a flower basket falling on Savi and pushes her aside. Savi’s kurti catches fire and she pleads Ishan for help. Ishan sprays water on her next. Savi slips. Ishan holds her and they both fall on floor and get lost in each other’s eyes.

Prateik walks in and coughs. They get alert and try to get up, but Savi slips again. Ishan holds her and then scolds her for spoiling pandal. Savi asks why would she burn her own decoration, there is a limit for misunderstanding. Isha reaches college and calls Ishan. He disconnects call and scolds Savi for the mismanagement and orders to clean the mess before guests come, he will never give her any task again.

Precap: Isha warns Ishan that she will not spare his institute if something happens to Savi. A goon follows Savi during Ganapati idol procession. Savi meets Isha. Isha asks if she is fine. Savi says she is fine, but Ishan. Ishan walks in front of them. Goon shoots at Savi.

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