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Ishan warns Savi that she should clear the mess she created before Bappa’s idol arrives and says she should forget that he will give any responsibility to her again as he saw how responsible she is. He walks out storming. Savi thinks who set this fire on. Durva and her friends hide. They walk back to college, Durva praises Ayush for his excellent revenge against Savi and says let us see how Savi will clear the mess in 15 minutes. Savi calls Shukla and other peons and seeks their help to clean the pandal area. Shukla says they can’t clear the water in 15 minutes. Savi calls her Gawachi gang for help. They rush with mats and spreads them on the floor.

Isha calls Nishikanth and when he doesn’t pick call, she walks into administrative office and asks staff to give a phone number of a temporary teacher. Staff hesitates and says he needs to take permission of directors. Isha warns him that she is from education department and will prosecute him. He gives number. Isha then calls Nadkarni and asks about Shukla’s appointment. Nadkarni informs the application was submitted 2 days ago with a 2-month-old back date. Isha says it’s a fraud and thinks she needs to investigate the irregularities at Bhosale institute.

Bhosales with whole college and a minister wait at the gate to welcome Bappa’s idol. Nishi informs Yashwant that Isha wants details of temporary staff. Yashwant says they should keep her away from temporary staff at any cost. Ishan hopes Savi somehow manages the event. Savi covers the burnt ceiling with umbrellas. She then enters playing music with her Gawachi gang with Bappa’s idol. Everyone praise Bappa’s grand entry. Durva and her friends and Bhosale’s frown seeing that. Minister tells Yashwant that he made a grand welcome of Bappa. Yashwant says credit goes to cultural event head Ishan. Savi calls Ishan to perform Bappa’s aarti. Ishan asks Yashwant. Yashwant and Surekha perform aarti and welcome bappa. Minister leaves.

Isha calls Shukla and asks him to check a staff list and see if knows them. Shukla checks list. Savi calls Isha and asks her to reach Ganapati pandal soon as Bhosales and whole college are present there. Isha thinks she is waiting for an official meeting and Bhosales are at the pandal instead. She reaches pandal. Yashwant and Surekha perform bappa’s aarti followed by Ishan. Savi holds Isha’s hand, walks her to Bappa, and asks her to perform aarti with Ishan. Isha holds Ishan’s hand. Ishan frowns seeing that but performs aarti silently. Savi this she promised herself to unite a mother-son duo and this is her first step towards it. Asmita says Gowri and Ganeshji met at last. Ishan hears that. After aarti, Isha thanks Savi and says she gave her life’s best memory today. Savi says she knows and says Isha is like her parent and their bond would be forever. Isha kisses her forehead. Ishan watches silently from a distance.

Precap: Isha warns Ishan that she will not spare his institute if something happens to Savi. A goon follows Savi during Ganapati idol procession. Savi meets Isha. Isha asks if she is fine. Savi says she is fine, but Ishan. Ishan walks in front of them. Goon shoots at Savi.

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