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Savi breaks down seeing Isha’s condition and recalls the bonding they share. She tries to speak. Nurse asks her not to speak inside a patient’s room. Savi asks if madam will get well. Nurse asks her to trust god and gives her a medicine prescription. Savi asks Shukla to bring medicines. Ishan gives money to Shukla and asks him to stay overnight at the hospital. Savi asks if he will not stay with Isha madam as she is just operated and shifted to a room. Ishan warns her to behave with her professor as he is not her friend and says Isha is just an education department’s inspection officer and nothing else to him. Savi asks if a professor doesn’t value his mother. Ishan says that woman is not his mother. Savi asks how can he be so stone hearted. Ishan says a dear one makes a man stone hearted, Isha is that dear one.

Savi pleads him not to go until he meets Isha. Ishan asks her to plead in front of god to save her Isha madam. Savi says he got a chance to reconcile his differences with his mother. Ishan says he doesn’t need a chance to reconcile with a woman because of whom he lost his childhood. He walks to his car and gets upset seeing Isha’s blood. He calls Shukla and asks him to give Isha’s file and purse to Savi. Savi recalls Ishan’s hatred for Isha and thinks what must have happened that he hates his mother so much. Shukla gives Isha’s belongings to Savi and says he gave medicines to nurse. Savi breaks down. Shukla asks her to control herself. Savi asks how can Ishan be so ruthless towards his mother. Shukla says he has seen Ishan crying for his mother calling her aayi, a mother-son’s relationship is very sensitive and strong which can never be broken.

Asmita and Shikha call Savi and ask her about Isha’s condition.

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