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Ishan returns to hospital with food for Savi and Shukla and find them asleep. Savi wakes up to check on Isha’s condition and goes to get water for herself. Ishan gets emotional seeing Isha from a glass window. Savi returns and asks Ishan why did he come here. Ishan ignores her and wakes up Shukla. Savi says Ishan must not have gotten sleep worried for his mother and was remembering time spent with his mother. Ishan asks who is she to speak so much. Savi says she was.. Nurse asks them to maintain silence. Ishan says he brought food for them. Savi says she doesn’t want to have food. Ishan asks is it because he brought it, she should have food to get energy to fight with him. Savi leaves. Shukla takes food and says he knows he got it on a humanity ground. Savi prays god to get her Isha madam well and wake her up.

Next morning, Surekha asks Yashwant why did he wake up early. Yashwant says he is waiting for Isha’s death news from the hospital. Surekha says Isha should die or else they would be in trouble. Yashwant asks her to check on Ishan. Surekha walks to Ishan’s room and sees hims sleeping on a sofa. She wakes him up. Ishan hurriedly picks his clothes and says he needs to visit hospital. Surekha asks why? Ishan says he will relieve Shukla and let him rest for some time. Surekha says he made up his mind already and says he should remember that Isha abandoned him in childhood. Ishan says he knows Surekha is his mother and he would never accept Isha as his mother, he is going there on a humanity ground. Surekha says he can go. Ishan gives her Isha’s signed divorce papers. She checks them and finds Isha’s blood on the signatures.

Savi thinks she shall find out whom Isha must have met before the attack and checks her mobile’s call records. Nurse asks her to submit Isha’s adhaar card. Savi says she will give it right now and checks Isha’s belongings. She finds Isha’s report on Bhosale institute where she explains the scams happening there in detail. She thinks Ishan must have saved Isha to save his image, she must have been attacked because of this report, she will find out the culprit at any cost. Yashwant tells Nishikanth that they shall get the report as soon as possible. Nishi says he will visit hospital right now. Surekha informs Yashwant that inspector Jadhav has arrived. Yashwant says how can he come here uninformed.

Yashwant meets Jadhav and asks why did he come here uninformed. Jadhav says he came to question them and asks why did Isha come here. Yashwant says Isha lives in Ramtek since years and came here for college inspection from education department. Surekha says Isha was about to divorce Shantanu soon. Inspector asks where is Shantanu. Surekha says he has gone to meditation center and his phone is switched off. Jadhav asks where is his nephew, what is his name. Ishan enters and says he forgot his name. Jadhav says his mother’s attack. Ishan says that woman is not his mother. Jadhav says Isha is attacked in daylight inside Bhosale institute and he wants know attacker’s motive. Savi enters and says the attackers are right in front of him, he should arrest Bhosales for trying to kill Isha. Ishan shouts at Savi.

Precap: Ishan notices someone entering house via window at midnight. Savi jumps on him. He asks what is she doing at this time.
Savi says he shall be punished for his crime. Ishan gets her arrested instead.

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