Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inspector asks Savi if she remembers Isha’s attacker’s face and his style of dressing. Ayush says he remembers. Inspector asks constable to take details from him. Savi gets a call from hospital that Isha’s condition is worsening and hence she should reach hospital soon. Savi informs inspector and reaches hospital. She breaks down seeing Isha’s condition, recalls her encouragement, and pleads to open her eyes and see her achievements; she has to clear the misunderstanding between her and Ishan and reconcile their differences. Isha shakes her fingers. Savi calls doctor and says she saw movement in her hand when she talked about Ishan. Doctor asks her to call Ishan. At police station, inspector asks Ishan if he is sure he informed everything. Ishan says he is. Sub-inspector calls inspector and informs that he caught a man who was enquiring about Isha.

Savi calls Ishan and requests him to reach hospital as Isha is responding with his name and doctor wants him there. Ishan disconnects call. Savi returns to Isha and notices Isha’s condition worsening and doctor rushing out to bring medicine. Ishan walks in. Savi requests him to call Isha as aayi/mother so that she can wake up.

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