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The Episode starts with Happu telling Rajjo that he is angry after she adjourned the court. Rajjo asks him to take the waist band which he has given her. Happu says I don’t take what I have given. Rajjo says if I had told what you said, then people will think that I have taken bribe from you, and tells that in the next hearing, she will give verdict in his favor. He says you have lowered in the innocence and has topped in smartness. He says he will take her on romantic date to a good hotel. Rajjo gets happy and says it shall be decorated with candle. Happu says there will be generator in it. Rajjo says you are antique. Happu and Rajjo dance.

Amma asks Rajjo why did she betray her? Rajjo says what you are saying and says you are doubting me, you are my ideal. Amma asks what is the reason? Dada ji hears her. Rajjo asks Amma to think that if I give verdict against Happu, then what he will think. Amma says Happu will think that you have taken bribe from me. Rajjo says I will give the verdict in 2-3 dates. Amma asks her to bring red box. Rajjo takes it out. Amma asks her to open it, and asks her to take the necklace. Rajjo refuses. Amma asks who is saas? Dada ji says only Happu can save him now.

Manohar is reading the novel and comes to the PS. Resham Pal and the prisoner looks at him. Resham Pal says I have caught Kaliya with much difficulty. Manohar says I will handle him. Resham Pal says be careful. Kaliya asks how is Bhabhi? Manohar calls him betrayal. Kaliya says I will not leave you. Manohar is about to free him. Resham Pal comes back and says if he goes from here, then you will lose your job.

Dada ji signs Happu, and Happu writes in the diary, who made you Inspector? He says I have given you work and asks what has happened? Happu says work is in progress. Dada ji asks him to decide with whom he wants to live. Happu says I can’t choose to live with you, in this age. He tells whatever Rajjo said and praises her. Dada ji tells Happu that Amma has already given her bribe and gave her gold bangles and necklace. Happu is shocked and says Amma is clever. Dada ji says Rajjo will give verdict in Amma’s favor. He asks Happu to do something.

Kamlesh, Kat and Malaika are in the restaurant. Kat asks how is his morning? Kamlesh says it is fantabulous. He says everything is amazing and says he watched blue film etc. Malaika slaps him and says you are taking vulgar things infront of girls. He says he didn’t mean by that and tells the actual film name. Kat then tells him about the day’s work. Amma is worried that she gave her favorite bangles and necklace to bahu, and says she might digest it. Gabbar comes there. Amma dances seeing him. She says you are my only samdhi ji, so I want to request you to stay here, and says I will talk to you in moonlight and will have English wine with you. Gabbar is surprised and asks if everything is fine. Amma says yes, and asks him to say Kattu. Gabbar says Kattt Kattt…Amma slaps him and asks why you are ashamed to take my name. Dada ji gets jealous.

Hritik, Ranbir and Chamchi come out of the park. Ranbir says he has stopped his breath for 5 mins. Chamchi says she has stopped her breath for 3 mins. They see master ji coming there. Master ji asks them, why they have come here? Chamchi says they have come to live Dada ji and Dadi’s moments. Master ji asks them not to lie. They make a story and says Dada ji had proposed Dadi here. Master ji says your Dadi and Dada will unite. Hritik asks with whom you have come. Master ji says Kavita ji called me. He goes.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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