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The Episode starts with Rajjo telling Gabbar about Amma and Dada ji’s fight and Amma filing for divorce. Happu comes there and gives diamond necklace to Rajjo. Rajjo wears it. Gabbar says he will check and checks the necklace with the lens, and tells her that it is artificial. Happu gets upset with Gabbar. Rajjo beats Happu. Vimlesh writes about the shopping stuff. Gabbar comes there and tells her about Happu and Rajjo. He asks Vimlesh to ask Beni not to fight the case. Beni says I regard Chachi as my mother and says I will not betray her. He says you want me to lose, so that your first damad wins. He says you are cheap. Vimlesh asks him to apologize to Papa. Beni says I will not go against Chachi and can’t do this. Vimlesh says I will not stay with this guy. Beni asks her not to take any decision in a hurry, which makes her regret later. Gabbar asks Vimlesh not to take such decision. Vimlesh gets upset and goes.

Kat comes to kamlesh and asks what happened in college. Kamlesh asks her to tell what happened after she came from college. Kat says she climbed the stairs, and then entered her room etc. Kamlesh tells her about his day after coming from college. Malaika beats him. Rajjo packs her stuff and asks Happu to take her jewellery and return her life which she spent with him. Amma comes there. Rajjo tells her that Happu gave fake diamond necklace to me and says I will go and stay with my papa. Amma asks her not to take tension, and says I will think something. She goes to Vimlesh and sees her also packing the stuff. Vimlesh says I am leaving, as Beni insulted Papa. Amma says Beni did wrong and asks her not to forget that Beni loves her a lot. Vimlesh asks Amma to come with her. Gabbar calls her Kattu Rani and asks her to come. Amma scolds him and warns him not to take her name. Dada ji comes to Amma and shows the rakhi tied on his hand, which he got from Jameela. Amma believes him. Dada ji asks her to apologize to him. Amma asks who is my husband, who came late, who will apologize? Dada ji says I….He gets upset. Amma apologizes to him. He tells Amma that due to her doubt, their family is shattered and asks her to do something to make everything fine. Beni asks Happu if same thing is happening with him. Happu makes face. Beni says we will drink wine.

Happu says they are leaving the house and you want party. Amma asks Happu and Beni to stop them. Happu says let them go. Beni says he can’t bear any more insult now. Happu says he don’t want to be beaten up by his wife. Gabbar tells Amma that he will go. Amma says if your train is not going, then I want to tell everyone that I am not divorcing your dokar, he got Rakhi tied by Jameela and he was saying right that when the elders will walk on the wrong path, then what the youngsters will do. Happu and Beni hug Amma. Rajjo asks Amma to take bangle and necklace and forgive her. Vimlesh also hugs Amma. Beni and Happu kiss Gabbar and apologize.

Master ji catches kids coming out from the computer parlour after playing the game. He asks if they came for Dada and Dadi. The kids cry and says no.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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