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The episode starts with Reshampal visiting police station and not finding anyone on desk. He pulls away curtain from a lockup and finds Manohar, Happu, and Beni there. He shouts what is happening. Manohar says they both are troubling him since long. Happu says they are getting ready to meet a critically ill relative in a hospital. Reshampal asks how can they leave him and Manohar on duty and go out. Happu says can they go now and walks away with Beni asking Manohar to iron his dress.

Ranbir, Hrithik, and Chamchi try to calm down crying babies and feel irritated. Hrithik suggests Ranbir to sing a song to calm them down. Ranbir says babies peed on him last time. Hrithik says he fixed diapers, so he need not worry. Ranbir sings Surmayi Ankhiyon Mein.. song. First baby pees on him. Hrithik says he forgot to fix diaper on this baby and asks him to continue his song. Ranbir continues. Other 2 babies pee on Hrithik and Ranbir. Hrithik says he forgot to fix diapers to all 3 babies.

Happu and Rajjo return home heavily inebriated after partying. Rajjo says she mixed alcohol in Amma’s juice, Amma must have slept by now. Happu praises her idea. They notice Amma standing in front of her and get tensed. Amma asks why they did they wear a party dress to visit mamaji. Happu says doctor suggested them to look happy to make a patient happy. Amma asks why would doctor say that. Rajjo asks if she didn’t see a movie where a doctor suggests same to patient’s relatives. Amma gets convinced and walks to her room. She notices Babuji laughing and asks if saw a comedy movie in heaven. Babuji says no, he is laughing seeing children fooling her. Amma says children had gone to meet a relative at hospital. Babuji says who looks so happy after meeting an ill relative, they just fooled her and went for a party at a disco. Amma fumes and says she will teach them a lesson.

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