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The Episode starts with Rajjo and vimlesh are sitting with Gabbar. Rajjo asks Gabbar, if they had nobody who was popular. Gabbar says yes, and tells a story. He then tells about Faltu Singh, and says Lord Joseph’s wife was sleeping in the bedroom, and he kissed her, and since then his name was Faltu Singh Chumman. Vimlesh asks him to go. Rajjo says there is nobody in our house, who did good. She says Amma will taunt us all life. Happu comes home and asks Rajjo what is she making? Rajjo asks why his mood is not pleasant. Happu says he had so much work to do. Rajjo asks if he does work there and jokes. Vimlesh comes there with Beni, with his face blackened. Rajjo asks Vimlesh with whom he is roaming. Vimlesh says he is Beni. Beni says I am myself Beni. Beni says I got punished for the mistake which I didn’t do, and tells him that someone caught him and said that betrayal’s friend is going and blackened his face. Happu says he didn’t know. Beni asks him to watch the TV. Kamlesh is on the TV, and asks the witness whose face was covered, about Happu’s dada ji. The witness is Manohar, and tells that Happu Singh’s Dada ji was a betrayal and cheat, and says if Happu Singh’s Dada was not betrayal then we would have got freedom long back, but got it late due to him. He says I exclude him. Kamlesh says you have lizard in your hand. Manohar shows his face. Happu gets upset with him. He tells Amma about Dada ji’s diary. He imagines himself as Chand Singh, and Rajjo as the britisher’s wife. The britisher asks him to say English. Chand Singh gives him informer about the freedom fighters coming. The britisher tells that he will give info to the britishers. The britisher’s wife asks him to elope with her. Chand Singh asks if you can stay in my basti. The Lady Jane tells that she will live and die with him. The freedom fighter hear them. He asks her to let him go now.

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