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The episode starts with Vimlesh and Beni calling Rajjo as a hospital’s nurse and doctor and inform her that her mamaji is no more. Rajjo acts as crying loudly hearing the news. Amma comforts her and thinks either she is a sinner to doubt Rajjo or Rajjo is a sinner to fool her. Nurse asks Rajjo to come and cremate her maama’s body as they are short of beds. Rajjo asks Amma if she can go and perform her maamaji’s last rights. Amma says even she will accompany her. Rajjo says no as she has weak knees. Children feels sad hearing the news and decide not to pray for anyone who is in a hospital. Rajjo leaves crying.

Kamlesh disguised as Pappu Cheerharan waits for Malaika in a park and tells Kat that he can’t act anymore. Malaika walks in holding a flower bouquet. Kat hides. Malaika asks Pappu if he will not recite a poem for her today. Pappu recites a weird poem. Malaika is about to propose him when he says can he meet her tomorrow as he needs to take his wife out. Malaika in shock asks if he is married. Pappu says he is and leaves. Back home, Malaika cries playing Tadap tadapke Is Dilse.. song. Kat and Kamlesh try to comfort her and ask her to forget Pappu. Malaika slaps Kamlesh repeatedly and asks him to shut his mouth. She tells Kat that she wants to meet Pappu once and insists. Kamlesh gets afraid. Kat hesitantly agrees.

Happu, Rajjo, Beni, and Vimlesh reach a movie theater to watch a movie. Amma follows them into movie theater and fumes seeing them. She takes a middle seat and acts as crying saying her bahu’s maama died and her son, bahu, his bestfriend Beni, and his wife Vimlesh have gone for maama’s funeral; she came here to mourn. They all 4 get tensed and hide their face. Kamlesh as Pappu Cheerharan waits for Malaika in a park and fears her anger. Malaika reaches in her old boyish avatar and trashes Pappu for playing with her heart. Kat reveals he is Kamlesh who tried to help her seeing her in depression. Amma catches all 4 red handed and warns them to never lie to her. Their jokergiri

Precap: Rajjo and children criticize Happu for not getting promotions in his job. Happu submits his resignation to Reshampal. Reshampal informs Happu that he is demoted as a constable and Happu is promoted as a commissioner.

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