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The Episode starts with Shakal flees from the lock up and calls someone, and tells that he has fooled Manohar and has fled. Happu comes there and sits. Shakal hides his face with newspaper. Happu asks the tea seller to give him tea? The seller refuses to give him tea, calling him traitor. Manohar calls Happu and tells that Shakal has fled and tells that he is on the tea shop. Happu says he is on the tea shop. Manohar asks so you are the black spot. Happu scolds him. He asks Shakal if he has seen him. Shakal says no. Happu identifies and catches him. Shakal asks him to shoot him instead of taking him to the PS. He says I will get arrested by the Constable, but not by the traitor. He flees fooling Happu. Happu says a criminal has showed me his back and fled.

Gabbar comes home. Rajjo asks what happened Papa? Gabbar says I am thinking, that I did a big mistake by getting your marriage done in the traitor family. He then asks her to bring tea. Rajjo says you have sold your self respect for a tea cup. Amma comes there. Gabbar taunts Amma and calls her Sasur as traitor. Amma says you are a traitor. Gabbar says I didn’t support the britishers, and I am not traitor. He continues taunting Amma’s Sasur. Amma goes inside the house. Some men comes there and blackens Gabbar’s face. Beni comes there with his face blackened and greets Gabbar.

Resham Pal asks where is Shakal? Manohar tells him everything. Happu comes there. Resham Pal asks where is Shakal? Happu says you know everything and you are asking like ladies. Resham Pal asks happu to read what is written in the diary. Happu reads that Chand Singh went to Lady Jane’s room. A fb is shown, Chand Singh goes to Lady Jane’s room, and says they shall go under the blanket. Lady Jane says what you will say. He says he will say that he was telling her about freedom fighters. Lady Jane says you love me so much and is betraying your own country. They begin dancing, when Melcom calls Jane. Jane runs to Melcom. Melcom had brought two freedom fighters there. Beni and Vimlesh as Sangram Singh and Bhakti. Sangram Singh asks why did you get us here? Melcom says you have done conspiracy against us. Sangram Singh asks for proofs. Jane says Chand Singh told us everything. Sangram Singh and Bhakti accuse Chand Singh for betraying them and calls him traitor. Bhakti curses him. Melcom asks soldiers to lock Sangram singh and Bhakti in jail. Sangram Singh tells Chand Singh that his family’s face will be blackened. Bhakti says your family will beg. Fb ends. Manohar says it is very sad that you are on this job. Resham Pal asks him to resign else he will trap him in some case. Happu is shocked.

Later Happu tells Beni and Gabbar that their faces was blackened due to their karma. Beni says it is due to your Dada ji. Beni argues with Happu. Happu tells them that Manohar is not letting him touch the water and taunting me as traitor’s grand son. Gabbar asks him to think of the way. Happu says let them come. The men come there. Beni asks them to talk to Happu. Happu runs inside the house. The men blackens Beni and Gabbar’s faces.

Amma drinks and says she will ask Sunny Deol to take her revenge. Dada ji comes there with his face blackened. He says his face is blackened due to his father. He says they have decided to send me to hell, and says once I go to hell, I can’t come to meet you. Amma is shocked. Dada ji says once I go back, they will blacken my face again. Amma asks when we will meet again. Dada ji says when you come to hell, we will meet. Amma says my father was Maharana Pratap’s soldier. Dada ji says she lies and goes.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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