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The Episode starts with Vimlesh coming to Beni. Beni tells her that last night, his face was blackened and asks her to make tea. Vimlesh refuses. Hritik, Ranbir and Chamchi come there. They ask them to take them on their lap. Vimlesh says she will take Chamchi, and Beni tells that he will take Hritik. Ranbir asks them to take him also. Beni says he can’t make Ranbir sit on his lap. Hritik asks what you are thinking? Ranbir says we are asking you to adopt us. He tells that people are calling us as traitor’s present generation and hate us. Hritik says rickshaw puller made us get down from rickshaw, just as he came to know that we are from traitor generation. Beni says we shall sit down and decide. Vimlesh asks beni to come to room. Beni asks the kids to adopt him. Rajjo asks Happu to see the saree and says she will buy it. She sees another saree and says she will buy it also. Happu says he will wear mask as people are demotivating him, by calling him traitor’s grand son. He says Beni’s face is blackened. Rajjo says my fair’s father face is also blackened. Happu asks if your father is fair. Rajjo says yes. The kids come there and tell that they want to change their surname. Kat says she don’t want to be associated with the traitor’s family. Happu scolds her and says Kat is the cat’s name, and you are talking about reputation. Malaika says how I will get trained by Haryana Police. Rajjo scolds them and asks them to stand by Happu. The kids ask Happu to do something. Happu says the stain on his forehead will be washed away with his bravery act. He gives an idea to become brave in everyone’s sight. The kids agree. Kat says she will ask Kamlesh to spread father’s bravery. Happu says Kamlesh is clever, we shall not tell him everything directly, has to just talk to Beni directly and involve him in our plan.

Beni calls Happu as traitor for leaving him with Sasur ji, when the men came to blackened his face. Happu says he didn’t go, he got an idea. Beni says I know you since childhood. Happu says tomorrow I will give you fake bomb, you have to keep it somewhere, and I will find it, then everyone will see my bravery. Beni asks who will call media. Happu says he will put sugar grains to gather the ants. The men come there. Happu runs inside the house. The men blackens Beni’s face and goes. Happu comes back. Beni asks where to keep the bomb.

The goon talks to someone about keeping someone at some place and transfer money in Swiss bank account. Rajjo asks Kat where is Kamlesh? Kat says Kamlesh is always late. They see him coming and start acting. Rajjo tells her that Happu is loyal to his country and told that tomorrow he is going to grab the terrorist. Kat says my father is brave, but there is risk in it. Kamlesh hides and hears them. Rajjo says there is nobody who can show Happu’s bravery act to the world. Kamlesh cries and says come infront of them. He says he is the truthful person and says he will record this news and will flash it on his news channel. The goon/terrorist keeps the bag. Happu comes there and sees the bag. He waits for Kamlesh to come. The terrorist silently goes before Happu could see him. Resham Pal and Manohar come there, and ask Happu what is he doing here? Resham Pal doubts him to be traitor. Happu says he got info that bomb is kept here. Resham Pal says he got a call that Robert is coming here to get the opium. Happu tells that he got a call about the bomb here. Kamlesh comes there and asks him not to worry, and says Media is with you. Happu opens the bag and finds smuggled gold.

Precap: Happu is accused of gold smuggling and gets arrested. Manohar says he will give him third degree torture.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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