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The Episode starts with Kamlesh telling the viewers that Happu Singh is caught while doing Gold smuggling. He asks Resham Pal if they will take action against him. Resham Pal says they will do enquiry and will share the info with the media. Kamlesh asks if you will be soft at him or will torture him. Manohar says we will pull his skin. Kamlesh asks the people to see Happu Singh, and says Kanpur Police has caught him, and I am sure that they will do justice. Kamlesh ends the news and takes one gold biscuit. Happu says he has taken 1 biscuit. Manohar says leave him, and tells Happu that traitor’s son is traitor. Happu is shocked. Amma asks the kids, why they didn’t tell her about this plan, as she must have rejected it. Beni comes there with his face blackened, and tells that he was badly beaten up, just as he went from home to keep the bomb. He says somehow I came home and asks them to bring haldi milk. Happu is in the lock up, and thinks he never thought that he will go through the torture in the same PS, where he was Inspector. Resham Pal says I am thinking, whom to give the case. Manohar says I have a dream to beat Happu Singh, and tells that he needs his permission. Resham Pal says I can sense jealousy from you. Happu tells Resham Pal that Manohar is jealous of him. He reminds Resham Pal that he has saved him from Zohra bai. Resham Pal says you had given my wife’s number to Zohra bai and my wife thought that I am having an affair with her, and the matter reached till divorce. Happu says I didn’t do it intentionally and says Zohra said that the smart and handsome man can’t be married, so I told that Saheb is married and asked her to talk to your wife and confirm. Resham Pal asks him to shut up and says your Dada ji was traitor, and even you was traitor. He gives Happu’s case to Manohar and asks him to take out Happu’s traitor intestine from his stomach. Manohar swears to give him 3rddegree torture. Resham Pal leaves. Happu asks him if you don’t feel ashamed to give me 3rd degree torture. Manohar says I will give you the same respect.

Later Rajjo keeps salt bag on Happu’s bag, as Manohar has beaten him a lot. Happu says Resham Pal had gone for shopping with his wife else he would have beaten me. He says we shall leave Kanpur. Rajjo says you said right. She asks him to say and asks where we will go. Happu says his mind is not working. Rajjo asks him to sleep and says he will think.

Amma, Rajjo and others are leaving. Beni and Vimlesh come there and says even we are ready. Amma asks Rajjo to count all her children and says one might be left behind the house. Rajjo asks Amma not to taunt her. A guy comes there and asks if this is happu Singh Chand Singh’s house. Happu asks him to go and says I will beat you if you have come to blacken your face. The guy says Khansama is my grand father. Happu says he has lit fire in our lives. The guy says you will call him water bucket who had set the fire off. He says he got some papers of his diary and he wanted to read it before them, before giving to the Police. He asks them to read the secret. Kat says she will read and is about to read. Happu says I will read. He reads Lady Jane called the Khansama to her room. A fb is shown, Lady Jane tells Khansama that he has thought Chand Singh wrong, and tells that whatever Chand Singh has done is to save Mangal Pandey. Khansama says Mangal Pandey is dead. Lady Jane tells that Mangal Pandey is in jail and Chand Singh has planned and sent Sangram Singh and Bhakti to jail to help him. Khansama is surprised. Lady Jane says she has seen him writing diary many times, and that’s why she wants him to write correctly so that the people regards him as the country lover and not traitor. Fb ends. Happu cries and says Dada ji, and hugs Amma. Amma says I am Amma. Dada ji asks Amma if she knows now that she is the married to a desh bhakt’s family. All the children, Happu, Rajjo, and others get happy. Malaika asks him to telecast this on channel.

Beni tells happu whatever happened with him in the court. Happu says even he has suffered a lot. Rajjo says even they. Amma says truth comes out eventually. Dada ji tells Amma that she can come to heaven now. Kamlesh apologizes to Happu for calling him traitor. Happu says they shall hoist the flag in country’s honor. Amma hoists the flag and says bharat mata ki jai. They all salute looking at the Indian flag.

Episode ends.

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