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The Episode starts with Rajjo bringing pakodas and giving to Amma. Amma asks her to make palak pakodas for Dada ji. Rajjo asks how he will eat? Amma says he said that if I eat then it is like he has eaten. Rajjo says ok. Beni comes there, slips and falls down. The kids laugh. Happu recalls his young days, when the girl asked him to dance, and then he slipping down due to the rain. He scolds the kids and says he is your Chacha. Amma asks why you are scolding them. Happu asks didn’t you see what they have done. Beni says it is ok. Happu then gets upset on Kamlesh for making shelter for himself. Kat asks how Kamlesh will stay in rain water. Rajjo asks him to have pakodas. Happu says he is taking tiffin, how much he will eat.

Ranbir sees a girl in the school and smiles. Hritik asks him to go and talk to her. Chamchi says you have two legs and asks him to go, says you are a man. Ranbir goes to the girl and sits on the bench. He says hello Shanaya. He asks if you will become my friend? She asks what is special in you. He says he can sing from his nose etc. The girl asks if he ever went to Paris. Ranbir says no. She says she will not become his friend and goes. Hritik says I will teach you, how to impress girls and says we will go to Paris surely. Ranbir asks how? Hritik asks him to be positive. Chamchi says we shall go to tourist baba to seek his blessings, and says whoever he kicks three times taking the place name, that guy go to that place. They leave.

Manohar cries and tells Happu that their Kaliya has broken lock up and ran. Happu says how did this happen? Manohar says he has broken the lock and ran to Prem chowk. Happu says he will catch him, just as he comes. Kaliya comes there. Happu takes out his gun and threatens to shoot him. Suddenly he hears the thunder storm and his hands and legs get shaken up. He hides his face as the rain starts. Kaliya teases him and runs.

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