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The Episode starts with Happu telling Manohar that he wants to talk to him and he shall give him respect. Manohar says your junior is doing your work, so you shall give me respect. Happu asks him to lock him behind bars. Manohar asks if you are drunk. Happu asks him to lock him behind bars till the rain season ends. Manohar says he was waiting for this golden chance, but he can’t lock him behind bars. Resham Pal comes there. Happu says I was asking Manohar, when Resham Pal will come, and asks why do you come here while shaking up, and says you are cheap guy. Resham Pal says I can get you locked in the lock up. Happu asks if he has any dare, or just says. Manohar says I am stunned. Resham Pal says he will write his FIR self. Happu says I will myself go inside the lock up. Manohar locks him inside. Happu asks Manohar if I insulted him much. Manohar says much.

Amma asks Rajjo why she is taking care of her well. Rajjo says don’t insult like this. She tells Amma that Happu had gone to bathroom and had locked himself there. She tells everything and asks if there is any problem with Happu. Amma says she doesn’t have any knowledge about it. She asks Rajjo to call her father and says she will dance with Gabbar for the reel. Rajjo and Vimlesh asks if you will be comfortable dancing with him. Amma says yes. She asks Rajjo to ask Kat to make video with Kamlesh, and Vimlesh shall make video with Beni.

Ranbir comes to the tourist baba and asks him to kick him so that he goes to Paris. Tourist baba asks him to look at himself. Ranbir lies that his mother had gone there for honeymoon, but she didn’t return. He asks him to kick him. Tourist baba kicks him and Ranbir falls in the water tub. The black color goes away from his face and Tourist baba scolds him. Ranbir runs away from there.

Beni comes ready to do rain dance with Vimlesh, and asks her about the dance steps. Vimlesh says we will dance just randomly. She says people will look at Tajmahal anyhow infront of tea stall. Beni hugs her happily. Kamlesh comes there and asks them to give breath taking performance. They start dancing on the old song, just as the rain starts. Kamlesh appreciates their performance. Vimlesh says you have done much hardwork and took nice shots. Beni asks him to show the shots. He sees Kamlesh’s face in the video and beats him.

Dada ji asks Amma to get so much drenched in rain water, that she falls ill and comes up to him. Amma looks at him. Rajjo tells Amma that Happu is not picking her call. Gabbar comes there and greets Amma. Rajjo asks him to meet her also. Gabbar greets her. Amma tells Gabbar about the La make up va contest and tells that the best reel couple’s family can go to Paris. Gabbar asks why is she telling him? Amma says you have to dance with me. Gabbar says I am ready to romance with you. Amma says dance..Dada ji asks Amma to kick him so that he falls in Badayu. Rajjo brings tea and snacks for Gabbar and asks if Papa is ready. Dada ji is upset. Gabbar greets him and says I love you…Amma says he is saying I love you and asking him to dance well. Gabbar says I will romance well. Rajjo says Papa. Gabbar says dance.

Kat dances with Malaika and asks Gabbar and Amma if they can do. Gabbar says I will do. Kamlesh says love you to Gabbar. Kat asks Kamlesh to play music. Amma and Gabbar practice to dance. As the dance ends, Gabbar feels back pain and tells that the step is wrong. Amma asks how she will dance now, as her partner went. Dada ji laughs and says with whom you were dancing. Amma asks him to dance. Dada ji dances, and gets back pain. He goes calling Yamraj. Amma thinks she lost another partner.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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