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The Episode starts with Happu taking the churan given by Vaid ji and says now Rajjo will see him, and says she was telling Amma that he has become weak. Rajjo brings almonds and milk for him. Happu tells him that he will bring storm and thunder. Rajjo asks really? He says yes and closes the door. He plays the song. Rajjo dances with him on the song oh lala la…She sleeps while dancing. Happu says it seems she needs churan than me. Amma asks Rajjo to give tea. Rajjo brings tea, biscuits etc. Amma asks what happened? Rajjo says she is happy. Happu comes there and tells Amma that he is feeling heavy and body pain. He says he wants to have khatta and tastes acchar. Amma asks why you are getting ladies’ symptoms. Happu gets vomiting and runs to bathroom.

Montu is going when Hritik, Chamchi and Ranbir stop him and tell that they will not tease him taking his papa’s name. They tease him and then says that he will become their friend. Montu runs away. Rajjo brings tea for Amma and tells that she is worried that Happu’s condition is bad. Dr. Gupta comes there and tells that he got Happu’s blood tested, and tells that he is pregnant. Amma asks how can man be pregnant. Dr. Gupta says it is common in Germany and asks them to take care of Happu for first 3 months. He gives the report and goes. Rajjo asks Amma, how we will tell him. Amma says what I will tell my friends that my son has carried baby in his stomach so that his wife don’t feel pain.

Happu comes home and leaves the scooter, which falls down. He says he is feeling weak and asks Rajjo to give him food. Amma scolds him. Rajjo says he shall be happy. Amma tells him that he is going to be mother. Happu asks Rajjo if she is pregnant. Rajjo says no and says you didn’t understand properly. Amma tells him that he is pregnant and says she doesn’t know what to do, if she shall get his vasectomy done or distribute sweets to neighbors. Happu is shocked. Later he tells Beni that he is pregnant. Beni says technically only woman can give birth, as they have womb and asks from where you got the womb. Happu says Doctor said that I am pregnant. Beni says may be chicken came out of the egg in the stomach. Happu says it was boiled egg. Beni says you already had 9 children. Happu asks if you are having problem. Beni asks him to give the child to Vimlesh and him. He asks him to promise. Happu says he will ask Rajjo. Beni says you are both mother and father both. Vimlesh comes there and asks if the news is truth. Beni says yes. Vimlesh asks Happu not to drink from now onwards. Beni asks him to drink only milk. He says he wants human’s baby like a devta, and kisses Happu’s stomach.

Happu feels pain as the ball hits his stomach. Rajjo asks shall we go to hospital. The kids ask what happened. Hritik asks him to tell the truth, else he will hit ball on his stomach. Rajjo says no, he is pregnant. The kids get shocked.

Episode ends.

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