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The Episode starts with Kat saying that if Papa is pregnant then who is the father of the child. Happu says he doesn’t know. Malaika says where you have blackened your face. Rajjo asks him to calm down and scolds Malaika. Ranbir gets anxiety attack. Hritik and Chamchi hit him. Kat says we are already 9 children and tells that Kamlesh has become midwife, so he will do the secret delivery. Rajjo says it can’t be secret. Kat comes to meet Kamlesh. The guy asks her who is she? Kat says she is Kamlesh’s friend who is getting the delivery done now. The guy gets worried for his wife and his child. Kamlesh comes out and congrats him, saying baby boy is born. The guy goes inside to see the baby. Kat tells Kamlesh that Happu is pregnant. Kamlesh faints and falls down. Kat sprinkles water on his face. He gains consciousness and asks her not to joke. Kat says she is not joking and asks him to do the delivery. Kamlesh asks who is the father of this child. Kat signs she doesn’t know. Kamlesh says oh my god.

Rajjo comes to Happu and knocks on his stomach. Happu says baby has kicked. Rajjo says baby can’t kick so soon. Happu says just as baby is born, he will give him to Beni. Rajjo refuses to give baby to Beni and says he is lalla. She says the way your stomach is getting swollen, how we will handle. Happu says he is also in tension. Rajjo asks him to go to some place with Kamlesh and then I will come there, and will bring the baby home, as if I have given birth. Happu says then the baby will say caw caw if Kamlesh is with me. Rajjo says if anyone comes to know that it will become news.

The lab technician calls the media reporter and gives him news that Happu Singh is pregnant. The reporter asks really? Beni brings wine for himself and tells Happu that he can’t drink being pregnant. Vimlesh brings mythological book and says Munna listen to the story, and begins telling it.

Rajjo, Kat and Malaika bring Happu to the lawn. Kamlesh places the yoga mat. Rajjo asks him to do exercise. Kat says then the baby will be strong. Rajjo says it is necessary. Kamlesh asks Happu to see how to do exercise. He asks him to do butterfly posture exercise. Happu refuses. Kat says exercising is very important for you. Malaika says Doctor has to search with torch, where baby is hiding in his stomach. Kamlesh says he will get his normal delivery done. Happu does the exercise and tells that he got sprained. Rajjo asks him to do more exercise. Happu does the exercise. He reads the news in the newspaper that he is pregnant. Later Happu talks to Rajjo on call and tells that Resham Pal is not taking him anywhere, he is scared that Manohar might do something. He is afraid to lose the job. Resham Pal comes there. Happu gets up. Resham Pal asks him not to get up suddenly, and tells that if he stands like this, then baby will be tedhe medhe. Manohar says like you, and then says intelligent. He says Resham Pal got pomegranate juice for you. Happu asks him to drink himself as he has dipped his two fingers in it. Resham Pal says his Dadi used to say that if the pregnant lady drinks pomegranate juice then the baby’s cheeks will be red. He asks if he has problem sitting on this chair. Happu says no. Resham Pal says Happu is pregnant with girl. He gets emotional seeing Resham Pal’s care. Manohar makes baby sound. Resham pal asks if baby is born. Happu says Manohar is making the sound. Resham Pal looks at Manohar, who runs away.

Episode ends.

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