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The Episode starts with Amma making a list of dry fruits and other stuff for Happu. Dada ji comes there with his face colored red. Amma asks what happened to him. Dada ji says this has happened due to our son, and says the women have beaten me with hunter, and asked if they don’t feel ashamed that Happu is pregnant. Amma asks why they are so bothered. Dada ji says there are rules and regulations there itself. Amma asks him to take laddoos and make them have it. Dada ji asks Amma to come with him. Amma asks if I come with you, then who will handle here, your mother. Dada ji says my Amma asked the women to beat me. Amma asks him to be happy and says your son is giving birth to a baby, you are becoming new type Dada.

Resham Pal is having problem with his jeep. He asks Happu if he wants to have any khatta. Happu says no. Resham Pal asks him to sit in the car. Happu refuses. Shakaal comes there and says until Manohar like constable will be in the PS, I will flee. Resham Pal aims gun at him and asks him to surrender. Shakaal refuses and asks if you will send Happu behind me. Resham Pal tells that Happu is pregnant and gives swear to him, to stop. Shakaal says I will not run today, but will walk as you can’t chase me. He goes.

Resham pal says I lost trust on humanity today. Montu is standing outside the class and stops Chamchi, Ranbir and Hritik. He then asks if they know whose father is becoming Mummy. Hritik says we don’t want to know, and has to attend the class. Montu asks them to go and tease them like they used to tease him. Chamchi says sorry. Montu says people used to say that my papa looks like Mummy, but their papa have become real mummy. Hritik asks him to move before he gets angry. Master ji comes there. Montu touches his feet. Master ji says he is sanskari boy. Chamchi says he is teasing us. Master ji says it is a proud moment that Happu is becoming mother. He says you will have two mothers and one father, and laughs at them. The kids cry. Hritik asks if you have values or not. They go to their class.

Kamlesh tells Happu that you have become aunty, and you have huge responsibility on your tummy. Kat says you are two bodies now. Kamlesh asks what you will do to take bath. Happu says he will take bucket to the bathroom. Kamlesh asks him to call Rajjo to lift it. He tells him about the do’s.

Precap: Happu’s baby shower is celebrated. Rajjo calls everyone and says Happu is getting labor pain. Kamlesh asks Happu to push. Happu tries to push and relieves his gastric problem on Kamlesh.

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