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The episode starts with Rajjo giviing tiffin to Happu when he leaves for work. Happu asks what did she pack today. She says gobhi paratha. Happu says he can’t have gobhi paratha daily. Rajjo says she prepared gobhi paratha 7 days ago and prepared aloo paratha yesterday. Happu asks her to prepare something different. Rajjo asks shall she prepare biryani. Happu asks what if he asks her to wear same sari everyday. Rajjo asks what is the connection between biryani and sari and asks if she shall prepare pasta. Happu says it’s like changing a person itself as he is desi and not English, she can feed pasta to her children and prepare spicy gulab jamoon for him. Rajjo asks if his mother ever served spicy gulab jamun to his father. Happu says his mother used to and his father used to eat 10-12 jamuns, she can take Amma’s help if she wants to. Rajjo murmurs that she would rather die than taking Amma’s help and walks away thinking she will stuff spicy jamuns in Happu and Amma’s mouths and herself enjoy proper jamun. Happu thinks if she finds out his plan, Rajjo will stuff chillies in his mouth.

Kamlesh disguised as a kidnapper drives his scooter to Masterji. Masterji asks why did he bump his scooter on him. Kamlesh in his fake English says he came to kidnap him. Masterji asks with fake accent and asks whose scooter is this. Kamlesh says his friend Bunty’s. Masterji asks what if he runs away. Kamlesh says he didn’t think about it. Masterji asks if he brought a rope to tie him. Kamlesh says no, he will get it from Bunty. Masterji asks him to use his pajama’s nada/rope, that way he won’t run away in fear of dropping his pajama down. Happu ties him with his nada. Masterji sits behind him, Kamlesh drives his scooter away.

Babuji confronts Amma for troubling Rajjo. Amma says even his amma used to trouble her with her taunts. Babuji says Rajjo is a good girl. Amma asks as if she was bad, she will teach Rajjo for acting oversmart in front of her. Masterji’s wife reaches Happu’s police station to file Masterji’s missing complaint. Happu asks where he had gone. Wife says to bring milk from a buffallo stable. Happu asks if a male or female delivers milk at the stable. Wife says a female buffalo and repeatedly gives same answer. Happu gets angry and sends Manohar out to play. Reshampal walks in and asks wife why is she here. Happu says Masterji is missing. Reshampal says missing of a teacher a day before teacher’s day is a disgrace to the police department, they need to find Masterji as soon as possible. Happu agrees.

Ranbir, Hrithik, and Chamchi return home and are shocked to see Masterji on their bed with hands tied and and mouth stuff with a cloth. They ask what is he doing here. Kamlesh with Kat walks in and says he kidnapped Masterji on their order. They say they just asked him to make sure that Masterji doesn’t attend school for a day. They remove a cloth from Masterji’s mouth. Masterji shouts at them and threatens to punish them on stage. They shut his mouth again. Kamlesh says being a teacher, he himself doesn’t have morales. Malaika walks in. They all lie over masterji to hide him. Malaika asks what is happening. Kamlesh says he is sitting on a chair. Malaika asks what about them. Amma calls Happu and says Rajjo is sending tiffin for him, he should execute his next plan. Happu asks her not to trouble his son and DIL. Amma warns him that she will not spare whoever oversmarts her and scolds him in her usual style. Happu thinks he is stuck between Amma and Rajjo.

Precap: Amma and Rajjo fight over a song. Happu fights with Rajjo for not preparing spicy gulab jamun for him. Amma signals him to keep fighting.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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