Zee TV’s renowned fictional series, “Maitree,” delves into the intertwined journeys of Maitree (portrayed by Shrenu Parikh) and Nandini (portrayed by Bhaweeka Chaudhary), who have weathered numerous trials and tribulations together. In recent episodes, the audience witnessed Maitree’s valiant efforts in rescuing Nandini’s son, Nandish, from the clutches of a drug syndicate. Her actions led to the apprehension of the criminals, and as a result, Nandini was granted freedom from incarceration and invited to return to Tiwari Sadan, her familial abode.

As the show’s narrative continues to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, the recent introduction of Ishita Ganguly as Jhumki has infused an intriguing twist into the plot. Hailing from a quaint village in Prayagraj, Jhumki found herself in need of assistance, which prompted Maitree to employ her as a domestic helper at Tiwari Sadan. Jhumki quickly endears herself to everyone with her diligent work and receives admiration for her efforts. However, unbeknownst to the household, Jhumki harbors a hidden agenda. In the upcoming episodes, the audience will be privy to the revelation that Jhumki is, in fact, an ‘Icchadhari Naagin’ (shape-shifting serpent) with sinister intentions aimed at harming Maitree and Harsh.

Expressing her excitement, Ishita Ganguly shared, “Portraying the role of an ‘Icchadhari Naagin’ on screen fills me with thrill and excitement. While I’ve embraced various roles in my career, I find joy in challenging myself as an actor. Accepting the role of Jhumki was a natural decision due to its uniqueness and distinctiveness. Furthermore, the opportunity to reunite with a dear friend, Shrenu Parikh, after nearly a year added to my enthusiasm. I surprised her on my first shoot day by appearing in her makeup room without prior notice. It’s a delight to work alongside her once again. The positive response from the show’s fans has been heartening, and I’m confident that the audience will relish the upcoming high-octane drama.”

Amidst Ishita’s exhilaration about joining the cast and the camaraderie she shares with her fellow actors, the viewers are in for an intense turn of events, as Jhumki’s transformation into a Naagin promises to upend the narrative. The suspense deepens – how will Maitree react upon uncovering Jhumki’s true identity? Can she safeguard her family from the impending danger?

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