The year 2023 has seen a remarkable surge in the popularity of mythological and historical television shows. With hits like “Punyashlok Ahilyabai” and “Mere Sai” captivating audiences with their divine narratives, a highly anticipated addition is on the horizon – “Srimad Ramayan.” This grand epic is scheduled to grace the screens in January 2024.

A reliable insider from the industry has divulged an exclusive tidbit of information regarding “Srimad Ramayan.” The buzz is that this forthcoming epic will take the place of “Punyashlok Ahilyabai” in the upcoming year. As the new year dawns, the curtains will gracefully close on the historic saga of Ahilyabai, creating a path for the unfolding of the timeless Ramayan.

The saga of “Punyashlok Ahilyabai” has woven its entertainment tapestry for over two years, captivating the hearts of viewers. Unveiling intriguing chapters from the annals of history, the show has not only entertained but also imparted knowledge about India’s rich cultural heritage.

Rajesh Shringarpure, the talented actor embodying the character of Malhar Rao in the series, shared his thoughts exclusively with ETimes TV. He remarked, “This journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Crossing the milestone of 500 episodes is a testament in itself. In an era where projects sadly tend to disappear from the airwaves in just a few months, our show has stood strong for more than two years. At a time when the OTT wave is surging, our show has managed to hold the attention of viewers nationwide. Despite the digital revolution, historical facts and narratives continue to captivate audiences, and this show is a prime example. The dedication and passion of the entire team, including the channel and producers, have been instrumental in our success. When I initially joined the show, the producers told me, ‘You’ll be committed to this project for five years.’ Their unwavering confidence in their creation is truly admirable. As actors, we’ve contributed our layers to the characters, but it’s the collective effort that has shaped this show. I take pride in portraying Malhar Rao, a character embraced by audiences of all ages.”

Amidst the buzz surrounding the announcement of “Srimad Ramayan,” the online community is brimming with anticipation for its debut. A fervent enthusiast expressed, “Ramayan holds a timeless place in our hearts… may this TV adaptation meet our expectations.” Another enthusiastic user eagerly shared, “Anticipating moments of togetherness with my family while we embark on this journey… I’m certain it will be a cherished experience.” One more enthusiast chimed in, exclaiming, “The excitement is palpable already… I’m curious about the leading characters who will grace this saga.”

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