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The Episode starts with Surili asking Shiv about the signatures. He says yes, I did it, but I was helpless. She scolds him. She says I understand everything, Roshni is also your wife. He says get quiet, you are my wife, I have married you, I love you, no one can change this truth, there is no place for anyone else, Roshni is my ex, you know her, I learnt that she has cancer. Mohit looks for him. Shiv says she has no one to admit her in the hospital and take care of her, I signed as her husband, please try to understand, Roshni is my past, you are my present. Mohit comes and falls down. Shiv runs to him and asks are you fine.

He hugs Mohit. Mohit asks is she your wife. Shiv nods. Mohit praises Shiv. He says doctor took mumma for treatment, you meet mumma when she comes. Shiv says you go in, I will come. He sends Mohit. He says Mohit is my son. Surili is shocked. She asks what, you have a 7 year old child. He says trust me, I didn’t know this truth, look at me, trust me, I m saying the truth, I understand what you think of me, just 3 days back, I got to know. She says you didn’t share it with me, why, don’t you trust me and my love. He says I trust you a lot, I was afraid that I will lose you. She says you had no trust, if I had not seen this then would you share this with me. She goes out and cries. Saathi re….plays…

Roshni gets up and asks how long will this operation take. Doctor says 4 hours. She says perfect and smiles. She sings and passes time. Doctor and nurse also sit idle. Roshni says you were at my target, Shiv, I was waiting for the right time. The nurse says I didn’t sit in the OT like this before. Roshni scolds the nurse. She sees Shiv’s pic and says you are so innocent, you think fate united us, all this was my plan, even cancer, now doctor has to help me in proving this, I have to get my rights.

Raghu comes to Swati and hugs her. She asks him to do something before Shiv snatches Ranak business. She says you promised to make me wear the crown. He says it’s a matter of few days, see how I keep my every promise. Surili comes home. Pammi asks did you tell Shiv, he would be happy. Surili says not yet. Pammi says you should tell him. Surili says I will take some rest. Sasha talks to Surili and asks her to pick a card. Surili picks a card. Sasha says something unexpected will happen in your life. Surili thinks. Roshni says go out and tell Shiv that I will get conscious tomorrow morning. Doctor goes out and says operation is over, she will get conscious by morning, she is not out of danger, anything can happen to her. Roshni acts. Its morning, Roshni sees Shiv, Surili and Mohit. She says I m fine. Shiv says my wife is strong and understanding. Surili recalls reaching Shiv. Shiv hugs her. She says I have thought a lot with a calm mind, its not your mistake, I m upset that you didn’t trust me. He says I trust you a lot, things got complicated, I was afraid of losing you. FB ends.

Ranimaa says fix fresh flowers here. She sees a necklace. Shiv gets Roshni to the palace. Samar thinks who is this girl and that child, I have to find out.

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