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The Episode starts with Surili saying Shiv didn’t know this, else he would have been Mrs. Barot today. Shiv says yes, she knows about Mohit. Roshni says it means you broke my promise. He says sorry, I had to tell her to keep her heart. Doctor comes and says stress can be threatening for her. Roshni says I trust Shiv. Doctor says she needs complete bed rest. Shiv says we are leaving for Ranak tomorrow. Roshni says you are taking me and Mohit to Ranak. Shiv says no, I didn’t mean that. She says I felt that. He says Surili and I are leaving tomorrow, we will make arrangements at your home. Roshni says I didn’t see such an understanding and sorted girl till now, thanks. Shiv and Surili leave. Roshni says you want to snatch my son’s rights, we will also go to Ranak, its my challenge.

Shiv gets tea for Surili. She says it’s the situation’s fault, I have to accept the fact that you have a son, I need some time, please. Shiv says you can take as much time as you want, thanks for the practical suggestion to keep Roshni and Mohit here in Mumbai. She says yes, but we have to tell the family about him, you have to tell Mohit, its his right to know who is his father. Samar says relax, Mithi will come. Sam says I just have one friend. Samar says if the girls ignore and avoid, you have to make her jealous, Mithi will come to you.

Surili says I came to Mumbai to give the news to you, Shiv, you are going to become a father again. She sees Shiv sleeping. She gets Roshni’s call. Roshni says please come soon, Shiv. Surili wakes up Shiv. Roshni says water filled here, that electricity wire is in the water. Shiv and Surili worry. Roshni says come soon, I don’t know what to do. Shiv says we are reaching in 10mins, don’t move. Shiv and Surili leave. They reach there. Shiv sees the water. Roshni says be careful, there is current in the water. He says I will close the main switch. Shiv switches off the power. He sees the curtain burning. He puts it off. Surili asks are you okay. He says yes. He asks are you okay. Surili says open the window. He says yes. He opens the window. He hugs Mohit and says don’t worry, everything got fine. Surili gives water to Shiv. She asks how did this happen. Roshni lies to them.

She recalls making the plan. She thanks them for coming to save them. She says I have decided to send Mohit to hostel and I will stay at some hotel, I have no other way, Mohit’s life was in danger, I have to take bed rest for a month, this is the best decision for him. Surili says she is right, Mohit needs attention, Roshni is weak, she needs rest, I have a perfect solution. Shiv asks what. Surili says Roshni and Mohit will come with us to Ranakgarh. Roshni says fine if you think so. Shiv says we will come to pick you tomorrow. Surili asks them to sleep. Shiv and Surili leave. Roshni says I told you, we will come along to Ranak. Shiv ties the seat belt and gets close to Surili. Surili says it will be good if they come with us to Ranak. He says I have seen someone strong after my mum and that’s you.

Roshni packs her bag. She says Shiv, you are lucky, I m coming back in your life, I had a right to become a queen. Samar sees Ranimaa preparing to welcome Surili. Ranimaa smiles seeing a necklace. Swati comes and says wow Ranimaa, its so beautiful, is it a special day today. Ranimaa says yes, Shiv and Surili are coming back home. Swati asks what’s special in it. Ranimaa says keep patience. Samar says I have to find out why Ranimaa is showering love on Shiv and Surili.
Samar sees Roshni and says who is this girl and that child, I have to find out.

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