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The Episode starts with Shiv asking Surili why didn’t you tell me about the pregnancy. She says I tried a lot to tell you, I came there to give you a surprise and I got a surprise, its not a big thing for you, you are already a father, I got to know about Mohit and Roshni, would I think of them or tell you about my pregnancy, I tried to tell you last night but you were asleep. She gives her reports and says I m pregnant. He sees the baby’s sonography pic. Raghav gets angry. Samar and Swati come. Raghav says Ranimaa is pampering Shiv and Surili, I can’t take this, I m leaving. He goes. Samar asks Swati about Roshni. She says I don’t know. He says I will find out. Shiv apologizes to Surili. He says trust me, I didn’t know about Mohit. They talk to their baby. He says I love your mumma a lot and promise to keep her happy. He helps her in fixing the maang tika. Samar asks his men to find out everything about Roshni. The man says okay boss, it will be done. Surili asks Shiv to give lunch to Roshni and Mohit. Shiv thanks her and goes to meet Roshni. He sees the mess and asks Roshni what happened. She says some people attacked us. He asks where is Mohit. She says I have sent him to storeroom. Surili shows the maang tika to Ranimaa. Ranimaa smiles.

Surili argues with Swati. She says Shiv will be coming. Shiv hugs Mohit and takes her to Roshni. Mohit hugs her and cries. Ranimaa asks where is Shiv. The lights go. Ranimaa asks them to check. Shiv gets Roshni and Mohit home. The lights come. Ranimaa asks who is she. Shiv says I will explain everything, some goons attacked Roshni and Mohit at the guest house. She asks who is she and what was she doing in our guesthouse. Surili says she is my friend, she has come from America. Shiv asks Mithi to open the guest room. Surili says Roshni has cancer, she underwent surgery and needed care, so we got her here, sorry, did we do anything wrong. Ranimaa says no, you should have told me. Samar calls his men and asks why did you break things. The man says we didn’t do anything, we just heard some sound and then Shiv came there. Samar thinks how did this happen. Shiv asks Roshni to take rest. Roshni smiles seeing the palace. Samar comes and sees her. He introduces himself. Roshni says you are desperate. He says its wise to befriend me, I m helpful. They have a talk. He asks her to take rest. Samar goes. Roshni says I will snatch rights for my Mohit. Shiv sees Samar and asks what are you doing here. Samar says I was just showing love to the guest. Shiv asks him not to interfere in other’s matters and stay in his limits. Samar says yes go, take care of her. Shiv goes. Samar says your friend isn’t from US, what is she doing here, I have to find out. Shiv says I hope you are comfortable, Mithi will come and do the aid. Roshni thanks him. She says congrats, you and Surili are becoming parents. Mohit also congratulates him. Shiv says thanks, you will also get promoted, you will get a little sibling. Mohit asks him to spend time with his baby. He says I wish my dad was with me and spent time with me. Roshni cries.

Everyone gets shocked seeing Shiv and Roshni’s pics. Shiv says Roshni is my ex. Raghav taunts him.

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