Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 1st September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comThe Episode starts with Ranimaa asking who are you to decide this, by what right are you deciding this. Surili says by the right of being Ranak mahal bahu, Shiv’s wife. Ranimaa says I m not dead yet, this can’t happen until I m alive. Surili says nothing is imp than laws, Mohit has a right on this family. Samar says very proud of you, Mohit got his right, you got your permanent place. Roshni smiles. Surili says I have promised Roshni, I will make sure Mohit gets his right. Raghav says what rights, stop this drama. Surili says try to understand. Ranimaa says no, I don’t value your words when you don’t value my words, Mohit will never become the legitimate heir of Barot family, Shiv and Surili’s would be child is the legitimate heir. She says illegitimate child’s place is outside the house, not inside, someone royal families make such mistakes, its their fate and fate can’t be changed. Samar and Roshni get angry. Ranimaa says they don’t get family’s property, love or place, my husband also had an illegitimate relation, if his illegitimate son comes, then I won’t give him Ranak. Samar gets angry and goes to Raghav. He asks Raghav to hit it. Raghav says watch the magic. Surili says Mohit is a child. Ranimaa says I will never accept your decision. Raghav breaks a glass. Ranimaa asks what’s this bad behavior. Raghav says no, it’s a signal of a big blast coming, sorry to do this, else you don’t listen to me. She asks what do you want to say. Surili asks Raghav to talk later. He asks will you decide this. Raghav argues with Ranimaa. He says Mohit will get his right if Surili decided it, Surili’s child will also get his right, what about my child, sorry, I don’t accept that my child loses my identity because of Mohit. Shiv gets angry.

Raghav says don’t shout, I can also shout and catch your collar. Ranimaa says enough, you are brothers, it’s a blood relation. Raghav says I don’t want such a bad brother, I want a division, else I will meet you in the court. Shiv scolds him. Raghav says you have hypocrisy, you can go out and have a child, you can make an illegitimate child get his rights, if I ask for my right, you call me disgusting. Ranimaa says stop it. Shiv and Raghav argue.

She says enough now, Ranakgarh is my prestige and respect, we don’t break it into pieces, division won’t happen here, I hope I don’t need to repeat my command, remember, I m still alive. She says Surili, Ranak’s future can’t be illegitimate, you gave me happiness of becoming a Dadi, I will keep your wishes, but not this one. Surili says sorry, I didn’t mean that. Ranimaa says you can see the consequences. She says Shiv, I was proud of you and believed you, you repeated history, I have tolerated this pain before, I will tolerate it again, this time no one can hurt me. She scolds Raghav. She says I have done a lot for you all and became your strength, you want to break my family and hard work, I thought children have grown up, and my burden will get light, but I was wrong, you have increased the burden on my heart, you all have stained my upbringing, this palace and money don’t mean anything, you all are my real assets, my pride, I lost, children make a mistake to go against their mum, I m also a queen, I will not tolerate anything wrong, you have to live on my terms if you want to stay in my house, remember my words.

She says Surili you didn’t understand anything. She says Roshni, I permit you to live here until you get fine, its my duty to support the helpless, don’t think I will support you always, you leave on your own when you feel better. She stumbles. Shiv and Surili worry. Ranimaa says I m not so weak. Shiv says please let me drop you to your room. She says you save the family if you really care, find the enemy, who has done this with Maan, the one who snatched my brother, my Veera, Surili is not just your wife, but also your helper, save my family from that culprit. Shiv says I promise, I will find him and put him in your feet. Ranimaa cries and goes.

Surili says sorry for everything, Ranimaa told that in anger, Shiv and I will convince her. Roshni says I m hurt, she isn’t able to accept that Mohit is legitimate. Surili says calm down, I will handle everything, Shiv says I m his fairy, I have a magic wand, I will find a solution for this, I will fulfill my promise, you don’t worry. She goes. Samar talks to his mum’s ashes. He says I hate her, I know your truth, you aren’t wrong, Ranimaa is wrong, she is a devil, so she didn’t get any love, her husband left her, her children will leave her, I don’t like her, she is a stain on mother’s name, she pushed me into hell, she wants Mohit…. No, I can’t see this happen with Mohit, I won’t let this happen, I promise you, I will make Ranimaa lonely, she will find death better than life.

Shiv and Surili romance. Roshni looks on. Samar takes her away and says I need your anger to break their love.

Update Credit to: Amena

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